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Do a google search for "wristless riskless" and read the David Leadbetter article from golf digest. I started using this technique a couple of years ago and it improved my game a lot. Worst mistake I see in people with the same problem as you is they decelerate into the ball. They often take way too much backswing and slow down into the ball. Practice taking a much shorter backswing so you have to accelerate into the ball.
Living in the PNW, I will usually change balls as the weather and conditions change.  In the firm, fast summer I use the TM Reds and RBZ U, spring and early fall I use the Gamer v2 and fall/winter I use a variety including Wilson Duo, Zip and TF D2 Feels.  I will end my second season in a row paying less than $1 per ball for the year.
This is a 16-17 yr old whose main form of "written" communication is likely the form of text messages or other electronic forms. By simplifying things (poor grammar, spelling, punctuation) for talking with friends and family works great, many in his generation use it across the board to their detriment. If you are hoping to get a D1 scholarship, you should assume every school googles you to figure out what type of student/athlete you will be. What do you want them to...
This. For rates that cheap, I would walk anyway. Just recently bought a clicgear and it was well worth the $200. Since getting it in June, I have played 36 holes a day, numerous 27 and even 5 days in a row last weekend without feeling too fatigued. At 44 and after carrying and walking the last few years, it makes a big differences in the way I feel at the end of a round.I'm not a big fan of riding and think they slow things down when not used properly.
I will take the cold over the rain any day. Living in the PNW, usually the mid to upper 30's is the coldest I will end up playing in most years.
Just started playing with some guys at my club: 2 man teams, sableford scoring, $1 each for front, back and total. Would like to start a 12-16 guy league using the same format with a blind draw and bets ranging from $1-5.
Just got a good deal on a used one about a month ago. I had been using an 07 Burner for the last few years. I gave myself a $200 limit and set out to hit a variety of clubs in that range. Was getting it narrowed down and went into a local shop to hit last couple before deciding. They happened to have a used R11s in my price range which hadn't been on my radar since they are twice what I was looking to spend. After hitting it on a monitor with other drivers and my current...
I walked and carried up until earlier this season.  In the spring, I blew out the seam on another carry bag (2nd bag in 2+ years) and decided getting a Clicgear would be cheaper in the long run plus I ain't getting any younger.  I feel fresher at the end of a round and have played numerous 27 hole days and a few 36.  Also been able to play a lot more consecutive days as the shoulders and back feel much better without the added weight. 
I think some of it depends on where you live. Being in Washington state, for almost 6 months a year any decent 2 piece ball will do as it's in the low 50's at best and pretty soft. There are a lot of less than $1 per balls options, but I like TF D2 Feels. I have heard good things about Wilson's offerings at this price level. When warmer temps begin to arrive, I have really come to like TF Gamers over the last couple of years. Picked up 5 dz at $10 per earlier this year...
I joined one of the Ryan Moore courses and pay $50 a month for unlimited twi-light golf.  Played 7 rds in Feb., 6 in Mar., and 4 so far in April. There are also plenty of $18-22 twi-light courses in my area to mix it up a little.  I plan on easily staying below $20 per round for the season.    
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