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Left shoulder down and back.
Since I've been using my 3 wood almost exclusively, other's broken tees are what I usually use. While it can be a slight annoyance (stepping on them when getting into your stance), ball marks on the green are far far worse imo. I fix multiple craters per hole on almost every hole. 
I enter a score for every round I play with others. When I play by myself in the evenings, I hit multiple balls, practice around the green, drop at different distances, etc. So, I'm not playing a regular round most of the time. I could probably just keep score of one ball, but I don't see the point, and don't really care that much.
How many cubits is that?
Most people I've played with in my life have a pretty good sense of humor out there. The one thing I don't think you should ever do is give someone is swing advice. Unless it's asked for explicitly, of course. Even then, I'd steer clear of doing it.   Years ago, when I first implemented a proper pitch shot (http://thesandtrap.com/t/39411/quickie-pitching-video-golf-pitch-shot-technique), I remember a guy trying to tell me I was too "flippy" and I should do it with stiff...
Very interested in this club, and may buy one sight unseen. Have been hitting my 3 wood (very well) off the tee because of my inconsistent driver. I really think those massive 460cc heads are big part of why it feels so weird to swing that damn club. 3w feels like my regular swing; driver does not. Hoping something like this would feel the same, with a bit more distance. Hitting off the deck would not be needed, as the 3w does just fine in that department.   Wondering...
  Watching that made me feel so good about my swing.
I'll play the blues when my handicap is a single digit. Even then, that will only be when I'm by myself, or if I find new golf buddies.
  That's not surprising, because they are soooo freakin ugly. I mean, what the hell were they thinking with the irons? They had some pretty classy looking sets for a while, but these are an eye sore. Overall, I quite like the nike that I've hit. I'm currently playing an old sumo driver (which may go away soon) and two sumo hybrids. They hybrids are great imo. Hit a playing partners covert 3 wood a couple times, and really liked it. Especially off the tee.
I know a friend that has a motorized "skateboard" that looks similar to this, but it is a bit narrower. As a preface, I skateboarded regularly for probably 20 years, can ride big bowls, half pipes, grind rails, all that shit.   Anyways. His motorized skateboard went great on the cement, but really really sucked if there was any type of loose gravel or dirt conditions. Which is weird, because it was marketed for "off road" and had knobby tires. The problem was there...
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