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Depends on the distance generally. Inside of 20-25 yds, I find myself grabbing my 61 degree wedge most of the time for pitch shots (used to use my 56 for these). 25-40 or so, I'll use my 56, and everything above that up to a full swing I'll use my 50. If I need to launch it high over something, I can take a full swing with either the 56 or 61, but the 50 works great in all other instances.
I've bought a ton of these over the years, and still play TW12. I bought TW13, but they changed it so much that I couldn't even play it anymore. The putting, which was perfect before, is complete shit in TW13. Tiger being on it means nothing to me personally, and wouldn't be a factor. I would need to demo it before purchasing though.
Add a stroke for sure. It's clearly a breach of the rules. If he walked right up to it, and it fell in at the last second, I would say don't add a stroke. But, that big loop around the hole was clearly some sort of stalling technique. Not that I can blame the guy.
I voted 140-150, but I feel like I'd almost have to see the rough to make an actual decision.
 I do the same thing, except I go all the way down to about 60 yards with it. 9 o'clock pitch shot with my PW is 60 yds. I don't use my 56 or 61 for full shots anymore unless I need to get up over a tree or something.
Yeah, definitely plastic balls. I have loads of them at home, and they behave exactly like the one in the first video did. Real shot, plastic ball.
Jason Dufner -5 Henrik Stenson -4 Adam Scott -10
I can't remember the last time I took a cart, but I imagine I would just leave it the same. I do put my putter up with my woods though. After I lost my putter headcover (which I don't miss at all), I put it up there to it wasn't banging around with my wedges.
 Was just going to post this. Hitting more GIR's is the key in my eyes.
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