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This would definitely have to be on a flat course (there are next to zero in my area). Otherwise, you're going to be pushing up a lot of hills. Might as well walk in that case (which I do anyways).    Cool idea though. Would love to see the two person cart go away in favor of something more singular to speed up play.
  Me too. This is crucial skill, imo. The way I figured it out is by dropping balls at 50 and 75 yards on a hole with a flat fairway. Then, figure out how far "up the clock face" I need to take my back swing to hit the shot. For instance: 9 o'clock with my 50 degree is 50 yds. Need 60 yds? Go to 10 o'clock. It really is so much easier when you don't need to guess.
Although I definitely prefer a white ball, yellow is much easier too see. I play white in morning / early afternoon rounds, and yellow in my evening rounds. It's sooo much easier to see that yellow ball when the sun is low and in your eyes.
Where on the green were you landing your shots? 2 putts from 50 feet is still tough.
I bought a few hybrids 4 years ago or so. Hit them ok, but topped a bunch, and occasionally hooked the crap out of them. Which, led to little confidence with them. So, when the Mizuno MP-H4's hit the scene, I started playing the 3-4 long irons. Really preferred them to the hybrids, and they've been in the bag for the last two years.   This year, partially due to hitting my 3 wood off the deck so well, I put two hybrids back in the bag just for the hell of it. Now, I'm...
  This is the only way I can hit full wedges. Feels really far back there with my 56 and 61. Truth be told, I never hit full wedges unless I need to get over a tree or something.
Not sure if this was mentioned already, but wanted to post something I stumbled on a few weeks ago. When faced with "touchier" 5-10 yd off the green pitch shots, I've found that focusing on the pressure point between my right index finger (for righties) and the club helps me keep the club moving through the shot, and not give up on a shot with less velocity.
Like:   - Tiger - Ricky Fowler - Jordan Spieth   Dislike:   - Bubba (no idea why, I just can't stand this guy) - Phil (I just hate seeing his face) - Keegan Bradley (way way way too fidgity to watch on tv)
I try not to hate too many things when I'm supposed to be enjoying myself on the course. Butttt, here are a few minor annoyances:   - Looking for a ball that went 50 yards deep into the woods. "Maybe it will be on the edge". No dude, we all saw that thing rocket straight into the trees with no hope of being found. Take your penalty stroke and move on with your game. wtf?   - Not playing ready golf. Are you the first on the tee box? Are you ready to hit? Let it rip...
I picked the last choice, along with the majority of voters. I'd definitely put the PW as the last short iron club tough. 99% (maybe 98%) percent of golfers carry one that matches their set, which is more 10 iron than it is "wedge".
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