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God no. I play until it starts snowing, and weep until Spring. I suppose if I lived somewhere with golf weather all year, it would be possible.
Of course I would.
50 and up shorts.
Putt from 30 yards? Never. I mean, why? I guess if your wedge game is that bad, do what you have to. That just seems crazy to me. I won't even putt from the fringe in morning rounds due to condensation slowing the ball down.
50% - 50 degree 40% - 56 degree 10% - 60 degree   Up until mid way through the middle of last season, I used the 56 for almost everything except for instances when I needed a lot of loft (which I would use the 60 for). When I dropped my matching set gap wedge for a traditional style wedge, I started experimenting with it more around the greens. Now, it's a pretty even mix between the 50 and 56, with a slight nod to the 50. Once I got used to the angle and rollout, I...
Walking by myself, on a relatively hilly course, probably under 3 hours. I almost always drop random balls, work on pitching, play two balls, etc. So, I'm not sure what the actual time would be. It's usually 3.5 hours including extra shots and holes.   I don't know how the hell people take 5 hours in cart. I remember walking 18 last Summer on a vacation day. The course was one of the tougher courses to walk, and I caught up to a group on the 18th hole that was teeing off...
Scrambles can be fun, but you would be insane to go out behind one. Lots of people that never play golf end up in them. As long as there is one decent person in the group, it's okay.   I won longest drive twice, which yielded $100 once. So, that was nice.   Lol @ semi-pro teams. I've never played in a scramble without those guys winning. I should put my own together sometime (I'll be the coach!).
Anyone else have a choppy feed, like it's buffering? Our internet is 20 mbps download (just tested), which is way more than enough to stream this.   edit: They're using flash player for some absurd reason. So, that's probably contributing to it.
As mentioned earlier in the thread, what about an iron hybrid? Mizuno MP-H5 / MP-H4, Titlelist 712u, Callaway X-Utility, Yonex whatever it is?
Are the controls still shit? Still playing 2012 due to the awful putting style change in 2013's version.
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