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Are the controls still shit? Still playing 2012 due to the awful putting style change in 2013's version.
I usually think, "Hey, there's my ball", because I play yellow balls often. I started playing them in my evening rounds after work, because I was loosing balls due to the sun setting and blinding me. Made a huge difference in that regards. Then, I started playing them if it was foggy in the morning, and sometime just because I felt like it. Overall, I do prefer white balls, but there's no denying that yellow are much easier to spot when visibility is an issue.
Last year, I birdied the first hole, on the first day out. Then proceeded to shank it off the tee on the next hole. lol.   During the winter months I hit pitch shots with plastic balls all the time inside my house. Ceilings are too low to take full swings, or I would set something up inside. Aside from playing, I don't really know what you could do. I really like the idea of recording your swing before the end of the previous season. Or, maybe, writing some notes about...
- 5 warm up sets of squats between 135-175. I do these on Wednesday strictly for warmups, so I don't count reps - Deadlift warmup: 225 1x2, 275 1x1 - Deadlifts: 305 2x2, 305 1x1, 275 1x3 - Kneeling Landmines: 45 1x7, 1x6, 1x5 - Shrugs: 155 2x8 - Calf Raises: 155 2x10 - Weighted chin ups (+10lbs.): 1x10 - Chin ups 1x8, supersetted with curls: 65x?x1   Been stuck on 305 deadlifts for a few weeks, and probably will be until I get to my goal weight and am able to eat...
 A couple guys I play with use the covers, and they seem to do a pretty good job. I considered them, but really can't be bothered. Hell, I even took the cover off my putter because it was annoying.   That said, I wipe down my club after every shot. Always keep one side of the towel damp for wiping it off. Keeps them clean, and I don't have to worry about cleaning them after a round.
 Agree totally. There are a few options available out there currently. Mizuno MP-H4/H5, Titleist 712U, and the Callaway X Utility iron. I've actually just got a complete set of H4's, because I liked the 3 iron I've been playing so much. I think there is definitely a growing market for the hybrid iron, that feels like an actual iron. I could never get on with hybrids, but absolutely loved the H4 3 iron from day one. Can't recommend them enough.
Current goal is to get to 160 lbs (currently at 175, down from 195). Then, do a very gradual bulk up (200 or 300 calories over maintenance per day) to whatever I feel is good.   - 4 warm up sets of squats, ramping up to 225 - Squats 235 3x5 - Bench Press 160 3x5, one drop set of 135 1x7 - Pendlay Rows 160 3x5 - Close Grip Bench - 125 2x8 - Tricep extensions - 65 2x8 - As many chin-ups as possible (think I got to 15)
Lots of reps @ light weight = cardio, and does jack for any "core strength". Plus, "toning" is some silly word made up by fitness people trying to sell you a rubber band or something.   If you want to get stronger, the best way is a routine based around compound exercises at relatively low rep schemes like 5x3 or 5x5, 3 times a week. Compound exercises would be: Squat, deadlift, bench press, barbell row, and overhead presses (if your shoulders allow. Landmines are a...
Looks like more than 20 lbs to me. Somewhere closer to 30 from the looks it. Not sure how tall he is though, which is a factor. Plus, everyone stores extra weight a bit differently.   Whatever the case, good on him! You guys suggesting him dropping that gut is bad, must be kidding. Dude needs to get on some sort of weight training program though, pronto. I don't see any sort of muscle tone on him. Even a moderate, 3 days @ 45 min, weight training program will increase...
I'm within a month (hopefully!) of being able to play again, so I can safely talk about golf again without sobbing.   Like others have mentioned, it's all personal preference, and even the course you may be playing. Personally, I'd rather have a higher lofted option closer to the greens, than a club to fill a gap 220+. I'm not shooting darts at 225, but every inch counts when I have 30 feet to the pin, and no green to work with.
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