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It's been raining cats and dogs lately and this is the first time I've played since before memorial day (I went to Vegas for a week to with the Wife and didn't golf). Also, since I've been struggling with my driver, I planned to use my 3 wood all day. Here's how it went down. HOLE 1, Par 5: I hit a decent 3 wood, but it went a little left. I still felt like I was a mile away as there was some obvious loss in distance. I'd usually hit a 4 hybrid here, but I hit another 3...
Thanks for the replies. My drives start a little left (or straight) and cut right or I pull left on occasssion. The degree of slicing varies from a little to insanity. I know part of this is mental too which makes me expect nothing less than a slice from my driver. stacks, I think I'm going to try just that next time I'm at the range. I couldn't go today, but I stepped outside today between rainshowers and simulated my swing to the right swing. When your swinging right...
Long story short, I can't hit the ball straight with my driver. If I line up straight I cut across the damn thing like it's no one's business and put a slice (or mega hook) on it. However, I can it pretty straight 45 degrees right with surprising consistency. I did this 2 days in a row at the range. After hitting every club in the bag straight or with the tiniest baby fade (like a few yards at the most) including my 3 wood off the deck, I pulled out the big stick and...
As much as I'm not into the "entire outfit the same bright ass color" look Fowler has going on, it's better than Poulter's by a mile. People say he's trendy or whatever, but everything this guy wears is awful. Villegas probably has the best look out of the lot.
Well, I was on vacation last week and it rained nearly every day this week, so I've been dying to hit some balls. I went to the range Thursday and yesterday. I've been working on my fundamentals mostly. Proper griper, stance and alignment. The grip is really coming along since I've switched to a neutral grip form my mega weak grip. It's pretty much automatic now. I can get in a good stance pretty quick now. I like to bend at the waist, let my hands hang naturally and grip...
My yardage gaps are pretty steady around 10-12 yards. However, depending on how well I struck the ball there's a 5 yd +/-. For instance, my 7 iron averages about 160, maybe a little less. 157 might be more accurate. However, if I make a really good swing I can sail it 165-168 as I've sailed the green on a 160 yd par 3 a few times. Learning my distances is really helping out my game and should be a priority for everyone.
I picked up an 07 burner 3 wood and I love it. I can mash it off the deck with ease. I was turned off by the triangular look of the 08 (or maybe 09's) and went with the older version. I'm very happy with this club. I hit the nike dymo 3 wood, but didn't like it at all. It seemed very bulbous to me. The burner is nice and thin with a fantastic weight to it. I wouldn't even play my old 3 wood off the deck due to inconsistency. Now, I don't think twice.
I bought my irons on ebay for about 60% of retail. They came brand new, in the box, still wrapped in plastic. I don't know how people can sell new clubs so cheap on ebay, but there are tons of deals to be had.
I use a claw grip. I tried to use a regular grip on the putting green and remembered why I switched.
I've started teeing the ball a lot lower with improved results. The ball just barely pokes above the the driver head now. I also have the ball inside my left foot by about 2 balls. I also make more of an iron or 3 wood swing now. I would have to take a video to determine if I'm hitting down, catching it straight, or hitting up on the ball. Personally, I can't make a swing where I'm trying to hit "up" on the ball. I just tee it lower and make my usual swing now.
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