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Today was the day my local course put the last nail in the coffin in regards to me playing there. I've looked past the hay fields in the rough and sometimes the fairway from being poorly cut. I've looked past the piss pore tee boxes that are tore up and nearly impossible to find a flat spot to tee up on. I've looked past the greens that look like they have never been watered. I've looked past the sand traps that look like they've never been raked. Why? Well, it's close to...
Your partners cheating is very disappointing. Especially since this was a tournament and they were police officers. They should be ashamed of themselves. I would have walked off the course and demanded a refund for a tournament being run in this way. Also, riding carts? I didn't think people rode carts in tournaments. Either way, keep it up man. Getting that first round out of the way should shake loose a lot of those nerves.
I've played a few rounds and 9 once since my last post. Yesterday was a weird 9 holes. Ball striking was good, but I left a lot of strokes out there. Also, it's been 90+ for a week with no rain. These greens are razor fast when it rains everyday. So, needless to say, they were touchy. Here's how it went down: HOLE 1, Par 5: Hit my driver and put a pull slice of sorts on it. It was a good shot that landed me in the middle of the fairway and had good distance to it. I had...
Tour models usually have thinner soles/topline, less offset and if I'm not mistaken small head length.
That's the first thing I thought. But, even my dead straight perfect trajectory shots felt (and sounded) weird. I really hope it's not dead, I don't want to buy a new driver. I'm gonna go back to the range today and try to determine what's going on.
I have a 2 year old Nike sumo driver and something's up with it. The last 2 rounds I played it felt like I mishit shots, but not sure why. Well, when I went to the range yesterday, I noticed the same thing. It's not making the same sound off the clubface anymore and feels softer almost. When I was playing Monday, I felt like I was hitting the ball less than usual, but I didn't have a great shot shape that day, so I don't know if I lost distance. I felt like it was a loss...
Yeah, my ball striking has really improved this year. I'm hitting 9 irons on holes I used to hit my 7 on last year. It's 30 yds and in where I end up loosing all my strokes. Working on that though ( :In regards to this post, I just read a short interview with YE Yang in Golf Digest where he is praising his hybrids. I think most golfers would benefit from replacing their 3 and 4 irons with a hybrid. Maybe not a 2 handicap, but most people would I beleive.
I hit my hybrids quite consistent. Much more consistent then a 3 or 4 iron for certain. Which I why I bought them to begin with. My 4 hybrid is 210-215 and my 5 hybrid is right at the 195-200 range. They really changed my par 5 and long par 3 game for sure.
This is true, but they're still like hitting rocks, which I don't like. I'd rather loose yards (which isn't too much really) on a used titlest than hit a rock. Plus, he's pretty good about getting rid of the really beat ones.
I pay $5 for a large bucket of used balls. There's another range probably 4 miles from the one I go to and they charge $9 for a large and they're rock hard range balls. I have no idea how they're in business.
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