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My yardage gaps are pretty steady around 10-12 yards. However, depending on how well I struck the ball there's a 5 yd +/-. For instance, my 7 iron averages about 160, maybe a little less. 157 might be more accurate. However, if I make a really good swing I can sail it 165-168 as I've sailed the green on a 160 yd par 3 a few times. Learning my distances is really helping out my game and should be a priority for everyone.
I picked up an 07 burner 3 wood and I love it. I can mash it off the deck with ease. I was turned off by the triangular look of the 08 (or maybe 09's) and went with the older version. I'm very happy with this club. I hit the nike dymo 3 wood, but didn't like it at all. It seemed very bulbous to me. The burner is nice and thin with a fantastic weight to it. I wouldn't even play my old 3 wood off the deck due to inconsistency. Now, I don't think twice.
I bought my irons on ebay for about 60% of retail. They came brand new, in the box, still wrapped in plastic. I don't know how people can sell new clubs so cheap on ebay, but there are tons of deals to be had.
I use a claw grip. I tried to use a regular grip on the putting green and remembered why I switched.
I've started teeing the ball a lot lower with improved results. The ball just barely pokes above the the driver head now. I also have the ball inside my left foot by about 2 balls. I also make more of an iron or 3 wood swing now. I would have to take a video to determine if I'm hitting down, catching it straight, or hitting up on the ball. Personally, I can't make a swing where I'm trying to hit "up" on the ball. I just tee it lower and make my usual swing now.
It's been raining most of the week and sprinkling all day, so the greens were quite slow today. The course was pretty full for some reason or another also. Not too full though. Here's how it went down. HOLE 1, Par 5: Pulled driver and hit an a pretty good shot distance wise. However, I put a bit of a slice on it and ended up in the right rough. I had a feeling that was going to happen and should have lined it up left. Anyways, I wasn't too far right, but I was far...
07' Burner 3 wood. Compared it to the newer versions, but I liked the feel of this one more.
After mowing my lawn that was 10 feet high from all the rain I made a trip out to the range. I started with my pw as usual and move through my irons down to my 5 iron. With last weeks round in mind, I pulled out my driver. I focused on what felt like a 50% backswing. While I was hitting them better than before, something still felt off. I took a break, hit some more irons, then pulled out the driver again. I don't know what made me think to do this, but I did the "feel...
Don't sweat it. We ALL have bad days. Onward and upward as my grandfather always says.
Good point Shanks.
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