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I wish I could hit a draw.
It was wooden, about 4 inches across and immovable from what I can tell. I took a club length. Seems like I did the right thing. Thanks for the replies.
Today, I hit a drive which came to rest about an inch behind the 100 yard marker. This course has stakes that stick out of the ground for yardage markers which are just on the edge of the fairway. I was playing by myself, so I took a drop, but I'm wondering what the ruling would be. I wasn't up against it, but I certainly would have crashed into it on my downswing. Would this be the same as landing on a sprinkler head or something similar? Any ideas?
I got a new 3 wood yesterday (07 burner) and went to the range prior to playing to hit it a few times. I went to the range at around 11:00am. I usually go after work and wasn't sure when he actually opened. When I arrived he was cutting grass behind the range. He stopped the mower and said "Go get a bucket and hit whatever you want.". I love my range, he's always giving me deals, lessons, and free buckets, etc. So, I filled a large about 3/4 and went to hit some balls. I...
Hold on, hit down on your 3 wood off the tee? My 3 wood mishit is a skyball which I was sure came from hitting down on the ball. I tee the ball up where the bottom of the ball is just below the top of the 3 wood. Could it be too high possibly? How high are people tee'ing their 3 woods?
I tend to push the ball when I don't rotate my hips completely to finish.
Matching smatching. Play whatever you like to play. I was checking out 3 woods the other day to replace my ancient one. I picked up the nike dymo, since my driver and hybrids are nike, but I really didn't like it. I really liked the look and feel of the Talyor Made and the Cleveland 3 woods (the Cobra wasn't too bad either). I love my hybrids, but couldn't have liked the Dymo less.
Funny you mention Blackmoor, because that course is about 20 minutes from me. Most of the courses are hilly here and some are extremely hilly. The course I frequent (Pleasant Valley) is quite hilly and has large distances between a few holes. I carry and walk them. Mostly for the athletic challenge. You're seriously beat after walking 18. It's great.
I love my 4 and 5 hybrids. I can hit them way better than the 3 and 4 irons that they replace. Obviously, with any club, you still have to put a good swing on them. I'm going to drop my 5 wood for a 2 or 3 hybrid too.
I just realized I haven't played with anyone yet this year (other than my girlfriend walking with me). I intended to play with my semi regular group this morning, but it was raining. It cleared up towards the afternoon, but it was windy. Super windy. At about 5:00 pm, the wind had died off enough for me to go play 9. It started sprinkling a little when I pulled in to the lot, but it wasn't too bad. The wind was still gusting pretty good during the round also, but it only...
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