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Safe to say I won't be watching this season. Not that the other two were any good anyways. The golf channel needs more instructional shows. Playing with the pros is the best show by far.
Okay, I was doing the opposite and starting more 50/50. I'll give it a go today. thanks.
Long story short, I randomly started staying on my front last week at the range. I think I already had a backswing that "tilted" as I've been working on not swaying this year and must have developed it a bit. I was hitting my 56 degree wedge, which I keep my weight on my front foot for and decided to try it out with my other clubs. Wow. Well, after 2 and a half range sessions, I'm hooked. Honestly, other than staying on my front foot, it doesn't feel that different. The...
What's the difference? You can't manage the course properly without a swing to put the ball where you want it to go. A golfer's swing is the most important aspect of his or her game in my opinion.
First my rant. My local course used to be a private club. I used to drive by and dream about what it would be like to play there. I always wanted to join because it was so close to home. Well, it went public last year and I was overjoyed. I played 9 after work one day and my first thoughts were it was tougher than most of the courses I played. Now, after playing it numerous times since last year, my thoughts are "Are they trying to get rid of customers?". I don't know what...
This thread got me thinking and I went to the range hitting balls with my 3 wedges to find what distances I hit certain clubs with different amounts of backswing. I always find myself trying to guess the length with half and 3/4 shots. I don't know why I didn't do this before. Making a cheat sheet just makes sense (which I'm sure I'll get into memory). That way there's no guessing and you can commit to shots. As a side note: There's a little net about 50-60 yds out I...
This here. At my range I'll take 5 or so balls and chip them back and forth from a few places. I've been placing balls in the most bare spots and chipping from there. They indeed punish you if you don't hit it right. Then, when you go to a spot with some grass, it's like you hit the lottery for chipping. Definitely don't chip off a tee though. You can set up a net inside and practice chipping all day. I did that over the winter and it helped a lot with my chip shots.
I always copy the whole post before I "post now" in case something goes wrong.
I like that description. Anytime I've experimented with swinging easier, it's been a step backwards. My main goal is to accelerate through the ball. Regardless if it's a chip or a full swing. When people say 100% are they referring to the maximum at which they can physically swing? Like, as hard as possible? If that's the case, I'd say I'd be in the 75% range. That almost seems to high when I think about how hard I swing compared to how hard I could swing.
I don't know man. I just compared your photos with one's on google images and they look the same. If those are knock-off's, they did a very convincing job visually. More than likely, someone assembled the clubs themselves as opposed to them being factory. But, if I were in your shoe's I'd want to know for sure as there seems to be an influx of knock-off clubs surfacing. I bought my MX-200's from ebay, but they had a few thousand reviews and a phone number. Plus, when I...
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