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Most courses around here have Blue, White, Gold (sometimes), and Red. Once in a blue moon, if I'm up to it and the course is relatively empty, I'll play the blues. 98% of the time, I'm playing the whites. If I ever dip down under 10 or so, I'll consider moving back a set.   To take this a little bit OT, I see guys way worse than me playing the blues all the time. Guys who I would be surprised if they are shooting under 90 (or 100 even). In fact, when I played Monday...
 The Mizuno JPX wedges are cavity backed, and look pretty good. In fact, that's the 50 degree I have my eye on.
Most of the "players" sets of irons don't matching wedges. The Mizuno MP line only goes to PW, and I suspect that's the case for most other manufactures with their low-handicap targeted sets. Plus, you can have way more touch with traditional style wedges, than any that would match a set. Mostly, imo, because the faces are too hot for shots around the green. Personally, I'm inching closer and closer to dropping my matching Gap (50 degree) wedge for something with a less...
Voted 3 iron, but I'm pretty sure I could hit a 2 since my 3 is one of my favorite clubs to hit. Kinda crazy to write that, as I couldn't hit a 5 (or 6 for that matter) worth a shit just two years ago.
 I'm the same way, sorta. Lefty: Write, eat, soldering iron, etc Righty: throw, kick, golf My girlfriend noticed something when I was making a sandwich the other day. Apparently, I chopped up a tomato and an onion with my right hand, but I spread mayo on the bread with my left. Also, I use a mouse with my right hand, which seems like is should be a left handed, more precise move. What a weirdo!
Oh crap. Was dead set on getting the 54's after this year. Now these come into the mix. Will need to hit both now!
I'd play them. Hell, the last couple balls I've played have been one's I found on the course.
 "Reving the motorcycle" helped me quite a bit when I was battling a slice, and is something I'll remember to do if one creeps in during a round.
I bought a 2 hybrid (to go with my 4 and 5 hybrids) a few years ago to replace my 3 wood. I couldn't hit it for shit. I've since ditched all of my hybrids and my top 3 slots are now: Driver, 3 wood, 3 iron.   There is too much of a gap between the 3 iron and 3w to be honest. But, I don't want to drop a wedge to fit in a 5 wood, so I'm thinking about putting a 5w in place of the 3w.
Didn't expect to see this thread pop up here. I'll bite!   I currently program in:   C++ C# Objective-C PHP Javascript OpenGL (with C++) HTML/CSS/XML (not actual languages, but related)     Have wrote one or two things in Python, and have done a couple small C apps just for the hell of it. Have modified and added things to a project in VB, but I really don't care for that language at all. Will be learning Apple's new Swift language, which looks really clean,...
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