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I think it all comes down to some sort of ego associated with how far one can hit the ball. As mentioned, the lofts are all over the place, so one guys 8 iron could be another person's PW. I think most of us realize that know how far each club actually goes is what's important. Also, how different conditions affect those distances. 150 yds in 45 degree weather with 88% humidity is a hell of a lot different than 150 yds on an 85 degree, low humidity day.   Also, for the...
The "feel like 75%" is a good place to start. I'd even go a step further and have it "feel" like 50-60%. For me, that was a big part of getting my iron game better. Not just with your feet together, with your regular swing. I was obviously overswinging by a lot, and the conscious 50-60% backswing feeling noticeably led to crisper, and more consistent strikes. It sort of introduced a bit of a pause at the top too.    Another thing to try is having your right arm "feel" a...
I'm 33, not necessarily a young player, and I would love to join a golf league during the week. Problem is, they all start at like 3:00 pm. I'm in the office until 4:30 everyday, and leaving at 3:00 once a week isn't an option.   I work a normal 40 week, btw.
Sushi and IPA's
Definitely dude. I get my ass handed to me weekly by a 60'ish year old guy who's close to scratch (if he's not scratch).
I don't like the idea at all. The cup is fine where it is now. As already stated, it's the slices into the trees, chunked irons, and skulled chip shots that plague people the most.
 This is pretty good advice, but I would recommend people getting their driver's cut down. I'm 5'11" and cut mine down to 43.5" a few years ago. It feels so much better at this length. I didn't notice any type of distance loss either.
Looking for a deep (tall) faced 5 wood for a few holes on my course where 3 iron isn't enough, and driver is too much. I have a burner (07 I think) 3 wood already, but it's a bit too long when it's warm, and I'd link something taller. This will be used from the tee primarily, so I'm not concerned how it works off the fairway.   I'd prefer something from a season or two ago for the discounts.   Thanks!
In SE Ohio / Northern WV / SW Pa., I'd say that it's not perceived that way at all. All the people I golf with are just regular dudes (for lack of a better phrase). There's a pretty big range of courses on the $$$ scale, which helps. Generally, I pick quantity over quality in regards to where I spend my golfing money. So, I play a lot of small staffed, family owned places with sometimes questionable conditions. It's mostly worth the trade off.   I recently looked into...
Even though it's snowing now, and there appears to be 2" on the ground, things are looking good for golf tomorrow if it doesn't rain. We played two weekends ago and it wasn't too bad. I wouldn't let myself watch golf on TV until I got one round in. lol.
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