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I bought a 2 hybrid (to go with my 4 and 5 hybrids) a few years ago to replace my 3 wood. I couldn't hit it for shit. I've since ditched all of my hybrids and my top 3 slots are now: Driver, 3 wood, 3 iron.   There is too much of a gap between the 3 iron and 3w to be honest. But, I don't want to drop a wedge to fit in a 5 wood, so I'm thinking about putting a 5w in place of the 3w.
Didn't expect to see this thread pop up here. I'll bite!   I currently program in:   C++ C# Objective-C PHP Javascript OpenGL (with C++) HTML/CSS/XML (not actual languages, but related)     Have wrote one or two things in Python, and have done a couple small C apps just for the hell of it. Have modified and added things to a project in VB, but I really don't care for that language at all. Will be learning Apple's new Swift language, which looks really clean,...
Practice with the 3 iron maybe? I didn't have one for years, but put one in the bag last year because I really wasn't getting along with my hybrids at all. It's practically my favorite club now.
In my opinion, it's the shaft length more than it's the driver head size. At 46" long (I'm 5'11"), the driver swing feels completely awkward to me. I don't know off hand, but I'm willing to be the shaft length on your old driver's shaft is quite a bit shorter than anything you buy off the shelf. I have my driver cut down to 44", and I still choke down an inch.
Put this technique into play this weekend. Right off the bat, I noticed I had a lot more confidence in the stroke. Removing half of the stroke really simplifies everything, and as a result, gives more confidence. Obviously, I'll need to dial in my distances, but putted pretty well for the first attempt. My miss was mostly short, and I did find myself accelerating through on some long (40+ foot) putts.   Something that really stood out were putts under 10 foot. Those have...
 I agree with the first part of that sentence. I chopped off two inches a few years ago, and this year I've been choking down another full inch (at least) on the club. I've never drove the ball so well in my life. I'm reading a lot advice suggesting get flatter, but I think getting too flat was a problem of mine. Which, I suspect, was a result of the driver length. With my driver at this length, I can turn my shoulders on an angle that feels pretty similar to a 4/5 iron.
Oh yes, you should definitely go. I remember the first time I went to a tournament. It was awesome. The power these guys have coming through the ball is really put in perspective when you see it up close.
Depends on the distance generally. Inside of 20-25 yds, I find myself grabbing my 61 degree wedge most of the time for pitch shots (used to use my 56 for these). 25-40 or so, I'll use my 56, and everything above that up to a full swing I'll use my 50. If I need to launch it high over something, I can take a full swing with either the 56 or 61, but the 50 works great in all other instances.
I've bought a ton of these over the years, and still play TW12. I bought TW13, but they changed it so much that I couldn't even play it anymore. The putting, which was perfect before, is complete shit in TW13. Tiger being on it means nothing to me personally, and wouldn't be a factor. I would need to demo it before purchasing though.
Add a stroke for sure. It's clearly a breach of the rules. If he walked right up to it, and it fell in at the last second, I would say don't add a stroke. But, that big loop around the hole was clearly some sort of stalling technique. Not that I can blame the guy.
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