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Do any other sandtrappers skateboard or maybe have skateboarded in the past? I still ride mini-pipes and and concrete bowls in parks around the area some times. Aside from golf (obviously), I've never really got into any other sports except for wrestling when I was a kid.
Also, I agree with the first iron shot sentiment. The drive generally isn't the problem. It's that first shot into the green. That's the one I'd like to have a breakfast ball on.
The group I play with on the weekends does this and I don't see a problem with it. There is a range at this course, but it sucks. I rarely take on personally. I like to show up 40 minutes early, play hole #9 halfway down and back with two balls and a pw. Then, crank two drives into the woods with shitty balls I found on the course. Mentally, I think the idea of the breakfast ball relaxes me and I end up hitting a good shot since I have another.
Shot a 78 TODAY! 42 on the front, 36 on the back. The worst part is I was -2 coming into 18 and blew it with a double bogey. Oh well, I'm so pumped to finally break 80.
  I think what he's referring to (correct me if I'm wrong) is that you turn your body and let gravity and the clubhead do the work on the downswing. I think it looks wristy because of the angles, but your not actively using the wrists.
  I like this advice, it works good for providing a stable backswing, just don't over do it.   In regards to the original post, I'll reply with a popular sandtrap reply: feel ain't real. I feel like me right arm is quite straight on the back swing, but it bends. It just feels like it is straight and prevents over-bending.
  No, it's overall easier I'd say.
A little over a half pitching wedge. I can hit my 56 100 yards, but the pitching wedge shot is so more consistent. I used hit my 50 degree when I was between 90-110, but I like the PW more.
91 on Saturday. 47 (again!!) on the front and a 44 on the back. I actually shot fairly well on the back except for that 9 I carded on the first par 5. A triple and two doubles on the front.
The golf pride tour wraps are very tacky and pretty soft. One word of caution though, they are like oil slicks if they get a drop of water on them ( I have them on my irons right now). Rain gloves are mandatory even if it's a light sprinkle. The golf pride tour velvets are really nice too, I just wish they came in something other than black. Overall, the tour velvets are pretty tacky and not too hard. They might be the best grip out there imo. I'd probably have them on...
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