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  Not sure I agree with that. Maybe "drive for show, GIR for dough".   Although I never thought I would say it, my 100 yard and in game (excluding putting) is probably the best part of my game right now. Last three rounds have been 5-6 shots under my handicap because of my wedge play.
    2.5 hours? Maybe if you're first out or on an absolutely dead course. Otherwise, no way. Obviously, carts are faster. That's why I'm always surprised when I run into guys in carts when I walk.
When I started playing regularly again 5 years ago, everyone in the group walked. So, I started walking too and walk almost every time now. If I play with family or a scramble, I'll take a cart, but that's only a few rounds a year. Overall, it's just more enjoyable for me to walk. You only play your ball, clear your head between shots, no lost clubs, don't have to stay on the cart path, etc.   Plus, it's part of my exercise in golf season. I'd much rather burn off my...
A park or empty field and a half way decent mat (I use a real feel mat). I practice 30 and in almost daily off my side patio into my yard. Sometimes I'll drop a few in the grass in my yard, but it's much different than the grass at the course. That mat is really nice and would work great for you I bet.
This is pretty common with most people and I agree with the 7 iron tipping point statement. I just recently put my 3, 4 and 5 iron back in the bag after 2-3 years of playing hybrids (that I couldn't get on with). I can hit them now, because my swing is much better. No other reason. Swing issues are more pronounced with lower lofted clubs, so I would say it's probably an overall swing issue more than anything. You could be swinging harder than normal with the long clubs...
The course closest to where I live, aside from two private courses I can't play, is the same way. They charge almost twice what this course is worth imo. The greens are like stone and long at the same time somehow. The layout kinda sucks too and forces a lot of irons off the tee. That said, I'd play it all day if it was cheaper. So, instead of a 10 minute drive, I drive 30 minutes to play nicer courses that cost less. Oh well.
Interesting thread. I've been lining up my putts with the line on the ball for years now and suffer the same thing. It looks good from behind, but looks off when I get over the putt and I adjust it or question my original read. I'm going to experiment with the no line method.
At the range it's almost all irons (this includes PW). I will hit a few drivers and 3 woods off the deck, but it's mostly irons. I might hit a sand wedge or two, but I really don't hit too many full SW or LW's when I play. I practice 30 yds and in pitch shots at home in my yard will work on putts when I play by myself (no putting greens to practice on close by).
Shot an 86. 44 on the front, 42 on the back. The greens are cut down to Summer length and I was blowing them past the hole all day. Should be used to them after a few rounds.
Mostly, they're are ugly as shit. When I had my clubs regripped earlier this year I was looking at some of these SGI oversized monstrosities. I couldn't imagine stepping up to one of those. Ultimately, your swing is the most important piece to the puzzle. I would recommend buying a set of clubs you think look good and look nice at address. I wouldn't buy a set of blades or Mizuno mp-whatever's, but I wouldn't go around thinking you are obligated to buy an SGI set based...
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