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  I should clarify when I wrote "take a percentage off my swing". I was referring to the backswing length.
  Ah, got ya. I feel more comfortable taking a certain percentage off of my full swing then choking down when I'm in between clubs. I'm not good enough to dial in 5 yard increments from 150 (or whatever), so most of my in between shots are generally just above the full swing of a higher club.
Hitting a lower percentage swing on the longer club is the way to go. Trying to muscle 10 extra yards out of a shorter club would be a lot tougher in my opinion.
I wet the end of my towel before every round and sometimes at the turn so I can wipe my clubs off. I generally do it after every shot as I'm walking to my next shot. This way I don't have to clean them after a round.
For 50 yards, I like to hit a pitch shot with my 50 degree wedge with the club going back to about 9:30.
What exactly don't you like about the grips? We can make recommendations all day, but it would be easier to recommend something with a little bit on what you don't like. Not tacky enough? Too hard? Too soft?
Like the rest of the golfing population, I fight the slice with my driver at some point during the season. Usually, this happens when I'm hitting my irons great . Swing out to the right more? I still slice. Keep your back turned longer? Sometimes it works, usually it doesn't. Strong grip? Somehow that makes it worse. Crush the can? Crush a slice (crush the can is excellent for my irons though).   Earlier this week, I stumbled across a solution at the range. I simply...
  Overflexing is when your right arm bends at the elbow too much.
  It's a good stick. I've thought about getting something new, but don't have a reason to ditch it.
  Visit this thread: http://thesandtrap.com/t/39411/quickie-pitching-video   Improve tremendously, most likely immediately.
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