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I like the practice round and the range. I'm lucky to have a course that is generally not busy in the evening so I can drop 5 balls on work on a certain distance, lie or shot type (ie. pitch shot into a green that slopes away). Working on swing mechanics and drills are best at the range imo.
I read threads here and other places around the web that discuss wanting a shaft that produces a lower ball flight and I can't help but wonder why. With a driver or fairway wood, I could see how a lower boring flight would be more desirable. Also, if you're loosing distance due to a higher flight, I could understand that as well. Although, that would most likely be a swing issue though, no? Otherwise, wouldn't you want the highest flight you could get into a...
No glove for me unless it's raining. I have the golf pride 2g wraps on my clubs and they do slick up in the rain a bit. Otherwise, even in high humidity, they're great. I have pretty dry hands though.
Long story short, I can't get on with typical hybrids at all. I have two Nike SQ hybrids that I've never had confidence in and played two 9 hole rounds with a smaller Titlest 910 21 degree that someone let me demo. I didn't like any of them...at all.   So, I decided to order a MP-H4 3 iron. I currently play the MX-200's in 4-GW. I ditched the 4 and 5 irons for two years, but recently put them in the bag again and have been hitting them pretty well. That inspired me...
I use it with my 56 and 61 the most, but have used it with my 50 and pitching wedge also. Depends on the shot really. The majority of shots are with my 56 though.
Are you sure your old gap was 52? I've been thinking about dropping my set's GW for another cleveland wedge. The face is too hot for short shots I feel.
If you're hitting GIR's, you're going to score better. Putting is the easiest part of the game. My grandma can putt, my 5 year old nephew can putt, anyone can putt. Putting the ball in the fairway and striking consistent irons is many times more difficult. Having a good pitch and chip game is important, obviously. Those shots are still easier to master compared to the full swing.   As an aside, I don't think I've ever played with someone who struck the ball great,...
Shot a 97. Played like crap.   I couldn't get warmed up today. It was 40 with some light to moderate wind and I felt like a statue swinging out there. Putted okay, but my short game wasn't there. 100 and in was abismal.    Still had fun. 
Are their details on how slow he was playing? Like how many seconds/minutes per shot?
A previous girlfriend of mine was golfing with me once. We were driving looking for one of our balls. I saw the ball out to the left and she said "Look, there it is!". Well, apparently there was another ball in the grass out to the right. She thought I was turning right, I turned left and she did a barrel roll out of the cart. She was so pissed and I couldn't stop laughing. She was okay though.   I haven't took a cart in 4 years though. I tried to get my current...
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