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I don't blame him, I don't like sandals or "flip-flops" either. Especially on men, some guys needs to keep those sasquatch toes hidden.
  I agree and I don't agree with that. It should be intuitive, but it's nice to have a starting point. For me, I know that a pitch with my 61 where the club goes back to 9:00 is 15 yds. If I have 20 yds, I'll take it to 10:00 and so on.
Try a Cleveland Classics Mallet if you can. I think mine is the #2. Great putter at a cheap price.
I do something similar, but only up to an 8 iron. Mostly because a half a 9 (or whatever club) iron is a lot easier than an 80% sand wedge for me. Unless I need to land it really soft, I like the shot you're describing. 6 iron and below may be more difficult than the full swing equivalent club I suspect.
Some of these make me appreciate my playing partners a lot more.   - People that don't fix their ball marks are very annoying. I fix 4 per hole on average (except for tough par 3's). I'm generally not playing with these people though.   - "Telling a story on the tee box guy". No one wants to hear about your new fence or whatever, we're trying to tee off.   - Looking for balls forever. Dude, it went deep, we all saw it. Take your stroke and drop one already....
^^^ Bag on the green?
  I did that last week when I played by 18 myself on a day off during the week. I saw these guys teeing off on #10 when I pulled into the lot (before I got ready and paid) and I caught up to them on 18. Nothing like a 3.5 hour back nine. I wasn't even playing that fast either.
1) Pitching. 30 yards and in is what I have in my yard and I practice shots almost every day. It's already paying off, but I want to get better at them and get up and down more times than I don't.   2) More on plane backswing. I was way too steep last year and recently have got a bit too flat on my backswing. I'm practicing backswings in a mirror at home and the feeling of straight back is getting me into a good position at the top.   3) Not getting too tense on...
I don't care if people smoke on the course, but don't put the thing out anywhere near the green. I think WTF?! when I see this.   I assume it's the same people whose ball marks I'm repairing on the greens.
I wanna see some praise Zeus after a win.
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