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91 on Saturday. 47 (again!!) on the front and a 44 on the back. I actually shot fairly well on the back except for that 9 I carded on the first par 5. A triple and two doubles on the front.
The golf pride tour wraps are very tacky and pretty soft. One word of caution though, they are like oil slicks if they get a drop of water on them ( I have them on my irons right now). Rain gloves are mandatory even if it's a light sprinkle. The golf pride tour velvets are really nice too, I just wish they came in something other than black. Overall, the tour velvets are pretty tacky and not too hard. They might be the best grip out there imo. I'd probably have them on...
I'm in the same boat as you. My lowest round to date is an 82 and have shot even par and +1 on 9 holes so far this year. Last Sunday I shot an 84 with 47 on the front and 37 on the back. No worse than bogey (aside from one or two at the most), a bunch of pars and a birdie or two is the way I see myself getting under 80. Getting into a groove as early as possible is key. How that happens exactly, I don't know . When I do get in the groove, it's like I know what I'm doing...
I did at the beginning of the year for my 60 yd and in shots, but I've memorized them. It's helped tremendously. I plan on doing the same for 70-115/120. I know a lot of people play purely by feel at these yardages, but knowing exactly what I'm going to hit for 50 yds (half 50 degree wedge) inspires confidence when hitting those shots. It also gives you a nice base to adjust the shot when it's downhill, uphill, heavy rough, etc.   70 yds up to a stock 50 degree is my...
  I should clarify when I wrote "take a percentage off my swing". I was referring to the backswing length.
  Ah, got ya. I feel more comfortable taking a certain percentage off of my full swing then choking down when I'm in between clubs. I'm not good enough to dial in 5 yard increments from 150 (or whatever), so most of my in between shots are generally just above the full swing of a higher club.
Hitting a lower percentage swing on the longer club is the way to go. Trying to muscle 10 extra yards out of a shorter club would be a lot tougher in my opinion.
I wet the end of my towel before every round and sometimes at the turn so I can wipe my clubs off. I generally do it after every shot as I'm walking to my next shot. This way I don't have to clean them after a round.
For 50 yards, I like to hit a pitch shot with my 50 degree wedge with the club going back to about 9:30.
What exactly don't you like about the grips? We can make recommendations all day, but it would be easier to recommend something with a little bit on what you don't like. Not tacky enough? Too hard? Too soft?
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