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Even though it's snowing now, and there appears to be 2" on the ground, things are looking good for golf tomorrow if it doesn't rain. We played two weekends ago and it wasn't too bad. I wouldn't let myself watch golf on TV until I got one round in. lol.
Henrik Stenson - 7 Jason Day -8 Luke Donald - 6
  This is exactly what I do.   Sometimes, I play with people who tee the ball up a 1/2" - 1" which I cant understand at all. For everything up to a 5, the tee almost completely in the ground works great.
Interlocking on everything. I have a really weak grip on the putter though. I have been wanting to try variations on my putting grip though.
This is a bit off topic, but did anyone else find the coverage really boring? I actually changed the channel and didn't come back to it. Not sure if it's the euro announcers or what, but I haven't switched off a golf tournament...well...I can't remember ever doing it.
  How exactly does a course let 6 of you out and why would you not play two threesomes? A 6-some sounds like pure torture to me, why would you even want to play with that many in a group? If your group was waiting on two people, well, I can't even imagine how slow that must be. 3:45 sounds really fast for 6, did you putt two at a time?   To the OP, if people are hitting into you, let them through. I do agree with giving it a few holes, but only if you're not clearly...
I used to, but don't anymore. I have a 50, 56 & 61 to choose from depending on the shot and distance I want to hit. The 50 is a matching gap wedge, that I intend to replace as the face is too hot for some of the shots I want to play with it.
Carts are faster, obviously; especially if it's one guy in a cart. Overall, it depends on the golfer's skill level. I can walk my home course in under three hours playing by myself. That includes hitting shots over, taking a few putts, etc. A semi-practice round. I saw two people in a cart teeing off on #13 (a par 5) while I was walking to the 11th green Monday and I was waiting for them on the 17th tee box. I was playing pretty good, but nothing too spectacular.
None, I like the shots from the fairway. I will say that high pitch down hill that you need to land on the fringe in order to roll right onto the green is really satisfying.
Do any other sandtrappers skateboard or maybe have skateboarded in the past? I still ride mini-pipes and and concrete bowls in parks around the area some times. Aside from golf (obviously), I've never really got into any other sports except for wrestling when I was a kid.
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