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I'd say that's pretty spot on to how my grip is, with the heel pad (bottom portion of the glove across from the pinky) on top of the club. Personally, I start the grip by placing the heel pad on top of the club and grip it from there. I don't really think about where the fingers are, just the heel pad to create a good lever.
Why not just play for the roll? I use my 61 around the greens mostly and it never checks up. I don't get 4 yds though, unless it's downhill or something. How are you playing the shot? I find that a ball forward / hands back pitch will have a nice steep arch and land softly with 1-2 yd roll out (assuming it's a 10-15 yd shot).
Leaving 25 yd and in pitch shots short. It's getting less frequent since I practice them a lot, but it's still annoying to miss them short.
Jeez, is Keegan fidgity enough? Maybe I've never really watched this guy before, but he's kind of annoying to watch.
3/4 is quite possibly what your full swing is. For me, what feels like 3/4 is indeed the full swing. Even though I have a tendency to go past that on my backswing, the results don't lie. My only swing thought, at the moment, is "feel" like my right arm is straight on the way back and start the downswing when I feel tension in front of the right elbow.   Use this thread for the straight right arm feeling:...
I don't blame him, I don't like sandals or "flip-flops" either. Especially on men, some guys needs to keep those sasquatch toes hidden.
  I agree and I don't agree with that. It should be intuitive, but it's nice to have a starting point. For me, I know that a pitch with my 61 where the club goes back to 9:00 is 15 yds. If I have 20 yds, I'll take it to 10:00 and so on.
Try a Cleveland Classics Mallet if you can. I think mine is the #2. Great putter at a cheap price.
I do something similar, but only up to an 8 iron. Mostly because a half a 9 (or whatever club) iron is a lot easier than an 80% sand wedge for me. Unless I need to land it really soft, I like the shot you're describing. 6 iron and below may be more difficult than the full swing equivalent club I suspect.
Some of these make me appreciate my playing partners a lot more.   - People that don't fix their ball marks are very annoying. I fix 4 per hole on average (except for tough par 3's). I'm generally not playing with these people though.   - "Telling a story on the tee box guy". No one wants to hear about your new fence or whatever, we're trying to tee off.   - Looking for balls forever. Dude, it went deep, we all saw it. Take your stroke and drop one already....
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