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I will definitely drop some curses while playing, but I don't let myself get angry for any extended period of time. I don't know where I read this but the phrase "You're not good enough to get mad" is something I like to hold on to. That and, "The worst day on the course is better than the best day at work". Although difficult at times, laughing at a horrible shot seems to loosen me up.
Hey rich, thanks for the clarification on the shot. Here is a most excellent thread on hitting that high pitch shot: http://thesandtrap.com/t/39411/quickie-pitching-video   Give it a try, I think you'll find it's a pretty easy shot to pick up. Ball position and wrist hinge can be altered to provide a pretty wide range of shots from the high pitch to more of a bump and run. I use it with my 56 (with 16 degrees of bounce) most of the time, but will use it with my 50 or...
I use them as shag balls to hit into the woods if I'm playing somewhere without a range.
Presetting the hips a bit forward and starting with more weight on the front foot will help delivering the club from the inside. For me, a former massive slicer, shortening my backswing and feeling a hell of a lot flatter helped.
Shot a 44 playing the back today. It was really windy, but hit some nice knock down shots. Back to back triples killed what would have been a great 9.
I went to dick's and golf galaxy to hit the MP-H4's, but neither had them in stock (although golf galaxy said they would be in this week). After some research, I determined that the MP-H4 in a 3 iron is just what I'm after. So, I ordered one in TT Dynalite Gold XP Stiff. Should take a week or so since it's custom.   Anyone want to buy a 4h and 5h Nike Sumo squared hybrid set in stiff shafts?
http://www.ongolfshop.com/   $369 for a full set of MP-64's? Please.   The site is registered to a company in Malaysia and has been online for a few weeks. I wonder if these people get letters from the manufactures, shut down the site and then open the same site with a different name. The worst part is some of the comments where people apparently think that these are real.
Threads like this make me want to buy a single MP-69 8 iron or some type of used blade just to hit it and see how it feels. Still have a few years in my MX-200's though.
I've been bagging Nike Sumo (squared I think) 4 and 5 hybrids for the last 3 seasons with some success. While I've hit them okay, I've never had complete confidence swinging them, especially under pressure. So, this year I decided to put my 4 and 5 iron back in the bag (although the hybrids were more like 3 and 4 iron replacements respectively). I've played 9 holes 3 times with them and have been hitting them pretty well. The misses are just shorter shots as opposed to...
I'll never play another driver that's not cut down. Mine is cut down to 43.5" and I'm 5'11". I choke down almost two inches on my 3 wood too. It just feels better and if anything I gained distance off the tee.
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