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I am roughly around the same handicap as you. I had a set of the first nike pro combo forged irons and had the hardest times hitting them. I gave up with them and got the x-24's and what a difference. The ball flies off the face even with mishits. I am sticking with my x-24's for awhile until my ball striking really improves. Definitely try out the irons if at all possible.    Good luck!   Zack
Hey guys,   I know this is kind of hard to explain, but I have been noticing this lately. As soon as I start to cock my wrists, and bring the club up,my right hand seems to be pulling away from the grip a little bit. Where the palm of my right hand fits over my left thumb, that is what's pulling away slightly. I'm starting to feel that my hands are not connected. Any advice or tips? Once again, I know it's kind of hard to explain but thought I would just...
I had a Callaway ft-z hybrid and could not hit it at all. I picked up two of the Adams black super hybrids and love them. Those will stay in the bag for a long time!
  Thanks everyone for the info so far.   MVMAC - Thanks for the heads up on shaft stiffness with wedges. I think I'll just stick with the 5.0 for the stiffness. I take pretty easy swings with my wedges.   WU Tiger - I was looking at the Rifle Spinner's. I have the non flighted Project X shafts.    
I'm thinking about getting the Spinner shafts for my wedges for Christmas. Anyone use them? I mostly want them so they match the width the of my Project X shafts. The project X shafts I have in my irons are 5.0. Should I go with a 5.0 or 5.5 for my wedges?   Thanks,   Zack
Don't know what city you live in, but I live in Bloomingdale and there is an indoor 100yd driving range I go to. I like it better than going to the simulators. Keeps my swing grooved throughout the winter.
Congrats on your first 5k TN94z. My wife and I do them occasionally. It's fun to go out and be part of a good cause as well as doing something healthy for yourself. 
I was cracking up at 0:29. The ball is bouncing all over the place in the living room and the mom doesn't even care, ha ha.
My dog loves chasing after golf balls. He likes to go find them and then heard them all into one spot and lay next to them. He just started doing this on his own. It cracks me up!   Anyone else have any dogs out there that do the same?   
Ya, I use my 60* for anything inside 70 yards. Your wedges will start to rust as well. My 52* has some rust showing on it already. It's normal though.  
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