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Quite a few different programs got problems with these updates and got the same error so tired and these three are the ones that made the difference.
google is your friend! http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/remove-update#1TC=windows-7
Maybe im seeing it wrong but it seems you have huge shoulder turn even with your irons maybe dial back the shoulder turn a touch with the irons to get more consistent? Accuracy before distance with irons in my mind! EDIT, looks like i missed to read your last post!!
73 (CR72.5/134) in competition 69 (CR72,3/139) casual round My best ever round is a 70 (par 72) where i caught some unbelievable bad breaks on 14,15 and a silly 3putt on 16 to make 3 bogeys and finish par par on 17 and 18
I usually have some kind of technical thought but i try to make sure i don't change it during the round. If i decided i need to focus on something it should not change because i hit a couple of bad shots.   But my best scores come where i "let" it happen. No technical thoughts or forced focus! 
I found the solution. Some windows updates are conflicting. I removed the 3 below and got the app to work. KB3068708 KB3045999  KB3022345
I have a similar problem with Windows 7 after some windows update it stopped working and get this message "The application was unable to load a required virtual machine component" Anyone else with similar issue and maybe a solution?
Some progress made with shallowing my swing. Any thoughts?    
Thought about my clubs during my practice session yesterday and been reading a little bit today. As you can see in my videos i have trouble opening my hips. Not physically but mentally. Im playing really flat clubs (2.5d) flat PING.   When i do really slow swing and get in the right position the heel of the club is well in the air.   Could this be my head not allowing me to do this when doing full speed swings?
Since the last post i have joined evolvr and getting some nice results through the service and obviously working on the parts i get from there but also interested what all the knowledge from here can bring as well.   The problem i found first when working more with my swing was that i lost focus on the game/target which i think i really focused for last weekends game and payed really well with solid ball striking.      
New Posts  All Forums: