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Thought about my clubs during my practice session yesterday and been reading a little bit today. As you can see in my videos i have trouble opening my hips. Not physically but mentally. Im playing really flat clubs (2.5d) flat PING.   When i do really slow swing and get in the right position the heel of the club is well in the air.   Could this be my head not allowing me to do this when doing full speed swings?
Since the last post i have joined evolvr and getting some nice results through the service and obviously working on the parts i get from there but also interested what all the knowledge from here can bring as well.   The problem i found first when working more with my swing was that i lost focus on the game/target which i think i really focused for last weekends game and payed really well with solid ball striking.      
I have signed up to evolvr and making some good progress on the range just as you and also hitting some really solid shots on the course as well but I have caught myself almost every round since then focusing too much and mechanics/swing thoughts and not on playing golf/getting the ball in the hole. Maybe something to think about(or not think about) when on the course? I think Rotella writes it in one of his books "If one of my students must have a swing tought i will not...
i prefer to not open it as much to hopefully have a bit less bounce and hit a standard bunker shot. usually get a bit more bite from a wet compact bunker at least here in Asia.
long time since i posted in this thread. Filmed my swing at the range today and looking for you opinions. Since my last post i have dropped my hcp quite a bit and been playing some really good golf.   From what i see there is still alot of the same issues as with my older vids. "lifting" my hands out hips almost closed at impact my head turns quite a bit.   i hope you can live with that the videos are not flipped. something went wrong. will have them flipped right...
There is only 1 nearest point of relief. As you are righty your nearest point would most probably be on the left side of the path if ball is in the middle.   Note also that you need to take complete relief   What you are asking is to use nicest point of relief which is never available.
I do not think the bold is correct that you need to take complete relief from the hazard. For free relief (cartpath or whatnot) you do have to take full relief at NPR (nearest not nicest point of relief)
Hi, i guess this thread is quite similar to my last thread but still a little different.   I want to know how you guys think/dont think and do/donts after a great front 9.   My last couple of rounds i have played the front nine so nicely. Hitting lots of greens and making birdies going out in +-1 of 36. Usually the real trouble holes are 12-15 where i usually get around in +3-4. Does not matter which kind of holes it is its that stretch and i can usually finish...
ive been playing nike 20xi-x the last 10 rounds and preformance very much like the pro v1x. one big difference is that the nike is a bit firmer off the putter. but the best part is that the cover is very durable. I can easily play 1 round (3-4 full wedge shots) with one ball whereas with the titleist it can be ruined in 1 shot. in my experince it even skuffs up on halfshots sometimes!
you would not feel the weight but i guess you have changed the club but since its ok to put lead on the clubs this should be ok!
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