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I currently play the same clubs as you but with the non-flighted PX 6.5's. I am demo'ing a set of Nike Pro Cavity for a few weeks with True Temper Dynalite Stiff. I have to say... they're pretty refreshing. I tried the Flighted PX's when I bought my Callaways and I hit them way too high. What is your typical miss with your current clubs?
Just wondering as I've been flipping through here today..... how many of you 15+ and up handicappers have bought clubs right off the shelf and never had them setup for you? Do yourself a favor guys and get them bent. Lie angle can jack you around. If you draw the ball alot and can't figure out why... there's a good chance your clubs are too upright and need to be flattend out. Just a little advice to you guys. I never really was an equipement guy up till about 3 years ago....
You also have to look at equipment. Lot's of people leave that out. Put the old school equipment in the hands of these guys and you won't be seeing such low scores. Tom Watson's British this year was a perfect example. In Tom's Prime he had to hit a 2 iron to go 214 yards on 18 Turnberry they said..... this year he ripped a 4 iron from 220 I believe it was. Balls stop better now, courses have better grasses now, drivers go WAAAAY longer now. It's a totally different game...
Don't mind the trucks but here's a pic of my old house's front lawn. This is pretty tall and was cut probably the next day. St. Augustine grass has big thick fat blades and the grass is pretty thick. Hope this helps out in some ways.
Well let's see what he did in his time off.... he started a golf course design company, he had vertigo which didn't help his game, back issues, broke his wrist snow boarding, and watched his kids grow up a little bit. Anyone have any idea what tour pro's go through with their kids playing? They never see them. Ask any player on the Champ. Tour about what's the one drawback about playing tour golf. They all say the same thing. I missed my kids growing up. Someone shouldn't...
Congrats buddy. Glad to hear it. Keep it up and the your scores will keep dropping. Spend more time at the range than the course though. Use a club to keep your feet on target so you take one variable out of your setup. Then work from there and you'll be surprised at the difference in a little while. Good luck man! Keep it up!
That's a great question. There's one hole here at my home course that has St. Augustine grass on the side hill of the green to keep shots from going into the water if you land there. I've been there a few times over the years. What I do is play my 54* instead of my 60* and play a flop shot. It's worked out a few times for me. I'd take an extra club or 2 for the added thickness of it if I were you. The St. Augustine will grab the club and slow it down obviously therefore...
My most enjoyable round was yesterday. Shot a 67(5 under) at my home course. Birdied 18 to polish it off.
Dude.... you're clueless. He quit to TAKE CARE OF HIS WIFE! His wife had a difficult preg. and was bed ridden during the whole preg. How is taking care of your wife not having heart? If anything he has more heart than you do. It was a simple choice. Learn some facts about people before you make assumptions. You know the old saying about making assumptions right?
I play a 54.10, 56.14 and a 60.04 More bounce is better for the sand and less is better for chips/fairway shots.
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