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Brand new, never installed.   $80 shipped.
Only used the driver for 18 holes and decided to stick with my old 905R. No pop-up marks or paint chipping. Light marks on the sole and ball marks on the face, but otherwise a new driver. Comes with wrench in it's original pouch and matching new headcover.   Looking for $275 shipped.   No trade offers, please.
TM R9 460? 9.5, stiff flex Aldila REAX shaft. Excellent condition.
I'm looking to sell an almost new set of right-handed Mizuno MP-52's with Dynamic Gold S300s. They were purchased brand new and have only been played 2 rounds total. They are standard loft and lie and are all +1/2" in length. The 3 iron is still in the plastic and has never been hit and all of the rest are easily better than 9.5/10, no dings and only faint scratches on the face and sole. 4-PW has new white Tacki Mac Itomics and the 3 iron has the factory Golf Pride...
First off, you won't find a bigger proponent of Charlotte than me and we'd love to have you down here. If you have any questions about the area if/when you relocate, feel free to ask. As far as golf goes, almost all courses are open 12 months a year and only close for snow (and we don't get much). I really only play about 9.5 months of the year, taking a break from around mid-December to the beginning of March. It's certainly feasible to play all year, but the average...
I'll also consider best offers as well.
I'm looking to sell a new Odyssey Black Tour Designs 2 putter. I won the putter in a tournament, but it just can't replace my Scotty. It's never seen the course, only a few putts on an indoor green. It's right-handed and 35". I replaced the original grip with a black rubber Golf Pride for Odyssey grip (very similar to a Pingman or Cameron Studio Design grip). Comes with original headcover. I'm looking for $175 shipped (retail is $270).
I've played a 906F2 3 wood for a couple years now. I've considered buying a backup. For me, it's longer and straighter off the tee than any other 3 wood I've ever hit. And it's definitely workable. There are easier clubs to get up in the air from the fairway, but that doesn't seem like it should be a concern for you. I hit the 909Fs (and play a 909D2), but there was something missing for me.
Looking to sell a set of Nike CCi Forged Irons that are in excellent shape. They are standard length, loft, and lie. I bought the clubs new and they probably have 10 rounds on them at the most. The 3 irons might have been hit once and the rest are all in great shape. The 6 iron has a couple tiny nicks on the sole from a shot out of the woods, but even those nicks are very small. I'd conservatively rate them at 9/10. 4-PW has practically brand new blue Golf Pride BCT Cord...
I have a very similar opinion as robbo. Played this driver for a couple years (albeit with a Proforce V2) and loved it. Also recently switched to a 909D2 that I'm still getting used to.
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