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You can see what I play below. Maybe I am naive and uneducated, but if you get fit for irons you can have them set to whatever works for you - offset or not. I love my PING's by the way, and would never switch, because they really work for me.
At the Johnnie Walker Classic.
Heck yeah, sounds like the kid is hitting it great! My 6 year old has no interest in golf. Main thing is to keep it fun for him. If you try and drag him around the course with you for 18 holes you'll lose his interest. No more than 30 minutes at a time should you have him out there. And remember - always make it fun and make everything a game. Don't keep score, and make the shots and putts some sort of game within itself.
Tried to submit my survey, but the results timed out. Not sure it went through.
Catawba Country Club (see www.catawbacc.org), which will be within 15 minutes of where I'll be working in Hickory, NC here is a private club I played yesterday for free. My father has a residual deal through his club here in Asheville, and just for fun I inquired of membership of the membership director. Get this girls - NO INITIATION - $337 a month!!! And that includes the wife and kids!!! A Donald Ross design that dates back to 1946. His next to last course design that...
Sorry, but I have enough trouble trying to play the game right handed. I have enough of a challenge already without adding insult to injury. Thanks, not interested.... NEXT!!!
I liked the show. I thought it was interesting. Yeah Natalie, you need to turn off the cellphone when paying Butch $1,000 an hour to kiss up to you on the golf course. I thought it was strange that Butch didn't attempt to cop a feel while he was standing behind her. That would have been on my mind. Natalie's Dad is just wierd. I saw Natalie's episode of "Playing Lessons with the Pros" on TGC and Natalie's Dad was there. Can you say possesive? No wonder she's...
My driver is a Ping G5 13.5*, but I also carry a regular 15* 3-wood. I hit both about 290 when I nail it. I just have a very low trajectory on all of my shots, which is why such a high loft in my driver. But it seems to work well for me. To each his own.
Did someone say golf movie? I'm there. Greatest golf movie of all time is still Caddyshack though.
Here's a breakdown of the courses we played, just so you know in case you ever get down there. Wild Wing Plantation - 4 good courses - good rangers keep pace of play moving. Avocet - best course at Wild Wing. over 7,100 from the tips (I played one tee up - 6,600 yards, which was more then enough for me). You leave this course knowing you just got more golf then you asked for. Great track! Falcon - my Dad says it is just like golf in Ireland, which is saying...
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