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He will still never be a great golfing champion :)
Unroll the cigar and stuff it .... thats how you roll a blunt, thats how you roll a blunt....
That is a horrible attitude to take on your career. Should mickleson who is undoubtablely one of the most talented players on tour, not want to use his talent to the fullest, and equal or surpasss one of the greaest ever? Would any of the great hall of famers playing against Nicklaus say something like that ? I highly doubt it, they would never have admitted his superiority. Why acknowledge that a competitor is simply better then you and always will be? Sums up the...
His point that he can't compare hiimself to Tiger? That he can never accomplish what Tiger already has let alone surpassing him ? He has admitted in this article that Tiger is the better player and alwayz will be
I find it hilarious that he has already admitted defeat to Tiger, he has stopped comapring himself to the best, he doesn't believe he can be better then woods. Thats loser talk right there.
i hate phil mickleson.... everything about him....i cant stand watchin him play.... and i hope i never see his fat ass on tv again... thats about it ... everyone else is good with me cept tiger... bastard only plays like 20 tourneys a year
first thing i thought of when i came into this thread
i was about 8 my grandparents bought me clubs and let me play on the par 2 executive course thats is on the campsite they saty on in the summer... i played all the time! like 4 or 5 rounds a day an been hooked since :P
i just dont think he is very good... he is hit and miss and will have stretches of ridicilous scores both wayz
i was playing with a friedn of mine who had a mulligna on almost every hole. we came to the 15th hole a 125 par 2 over water. he duffs his first shot in the water like expected, and then proceeds to ace it on his re tee.
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