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Actually, the dot is not something common among all TaylorMade R11 tour clubs. The "dot version" actually has a different CG location and is supposed be lower launching and lower spinning. Not every TaylorMade staff player with tour clubs has the dot version of the head.
From what I've read, there is no difference in the tip adjustment between a R11 sleeve and an R11 Tp sleeve.Sorry if I got your hopes up, I was thinking of the tour issue R11 sleeve.
I have read over on another forum that the TP hosel allows for more adjustments than the standard sleeve. I think that it's like twice the adjustments that you have on the other sleeve.Let me check where I found it and I'll let you know more tomorrow
Thanks for the suggestion. I had noticed that when looking at the video, but didn't know if that was a cause of the slice or a result of something else. I'll work on that tomorrow morning before my round and hopefully I'll finally be able to hit my driver well.
I'm guessing the shaft is an x-flex in the 70 gram range. If CH3 gave you the driver, it's probably a tour club. The 8 degree head is only available on tour (will be released to the public soon) and that is a TP sleeve. I think this is probably a tour issue club...
Thanks for the suggestions jshots. I'm going to do what you suggested and edit the first post if I'm still in time.
I'd like to get some ideas on what is going wrong with my swing. I have seeing a right to left (fade) trajectory and this is what's happening with my driver lately. All my other clubs have my natural baby draw but for some reason, I'm struggling with a fade/slice with the driver. Here's a link to my swing: What is the cause of the problem? Thanks for the help.
I feel the same way. Tomorrow I finally get to try an R11 for the first time and I have to admit I'm really excited to try it out. I don't really think the head color will bother me at all.
The White Ice insert is firmer than the White Hot XG, so it fits the bill of what the OP is looking for.
I would look at the 60 and 56 as they seem to have white paintfill on the loft-bounce number that is on the back of the club. The paintfill is white, and the ones I own that were packed in a Acushnet box have a red paintfill.
New Posts  All Forums: