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Here in the St. Louis area, many of the courses have bent grass greens - including my home course.   On hot sunny days the greens crew team goes around the course and measures the surface temperature of the greens. If it gets into the mid-90s F, it's crisis conditions.   One telltale sign is graying - if you step on the green turf and it leaves a grayish footprint, the grass is stressed. The greens crew will give the green a quick watering if it finds high temps and...
Had a wild day July 1 and forgot to check in. Guess I'll reload for August.
I tested out the Ping G30 family of drivers a few days ago. The LS Tech (low sping) variant had a consistent low trajectory, and the lowest distance of the three.   Low-spin drivers work best for those with high clubhead speed.
For what you're talking about, consider these: Callaway Supersoft - $21 a dozen TaylorMade Project (a) - $33 a dozen   if you want to get a ball-by-ball comparisons, try this PDF from USGA on Conforming Golf Balls: http://www.usga.org/ConformingGolfBall/gball_list.pdf It not only tells which balls are legal, but also rates the balls in four categories: Color variety Composition (number of layers) Spin ratings (driver and irons) Number of dimples   Now that...
What kind of shaft would you use on an AP2 set? (Shaft = elongated tube between clubhead and grip. It's half the golf club).   Get a side-by-side fitting for the AP1 and AP2. See which one works out best.   About two years ago, I had a super session when the Ping guy showed up on a slow day at Golf Galaxy. I did a side-by-side test with the Ping i25 vs. G25, using the CFS shafts in both R and S. Here's what I found: I could actually get the i25 off the ground, and it...
The range of things you're interested in would be covered in a dynamic fitting. It would cost some $$, but you'd have a full assessment of your swing and the clubs to fit it for all parts of your bag.
The club loading and the transition at top are big influences on what flex you need. All other things equal, a player with quick transition at top will need a stiffer shaft than one with a smoother transition. As @saevel25 said, go get a fitting to make sure. Note: The Mizuno shaft optimizer can give you multi-point on your "swing DNA" for iron shots.
The decline in smoking really hurt my golf game.   Thirty years ago, if I wanted to line up an approach shot I just focused on the nearest cigarette butt. Now, if the fairways are well-groomed, there's nothing to use as a close-in aiming point!
If you have a good chip and run game, an eagle on a short par 4 is probably more likely than a par-3 ace. It also helps to have a short par 4 that you own.   The former Eagle Green GC (now subdivided) in Denton, Texas had one such hole. No. 11, a slightly uphill 270-yd. par 4, had a fairway trough that funnelled shots up to the right front of the green.  In dry weather, a driver draw would run most of the way to the fringe. About twice a year, I would have a tap-in...
 I made a note under Tristan's G30 review: The standard G30 worked best for me;.the LSTec shots all came off low - I don't have the swing speed.
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