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I have been playing golf since the late 1960s, and I have yet to experience this.
I played two rounds last summer where I had five pars in one, and six in the other. But, I didn't break 90 either day. I had a couple of misfires per nine with the long clubs, and ended up with three or four triple bogies.   At least I'm a good scramble partner...
School just started again, so mid-Aug to mid-Sept is a speedbump for the golf game. I haven't played 18 in three weeks.
Follow Mr. D, dsc and Jim: go get fitted.
Initial hydration the night before is the way to start.   I drink water on the front nine, and switch to sports drink on the back nine. Sports drink contains electrolytes, and prevents me from getting leg and hand cramps late in the round.   A work colleague runs marathons, and he says that you need something other than water after two hours of sustained exercise. Otherwise, he says, you start flushing electrolytes out of your body with water only.
Not really. I actually leave the house and go to games in person.
Replacing a single damaged S300 shaft with a new S300 shaft is a lot different than reshafting a set of 3-PW from S300 to NS Pro 950.   If you're replacing a damaged shaft with a like shaft, it would be fairly simple to do.   If you're reshafting an entire set with a new shaft, you need a swingweight machine, tip weights to recapture swingweight, a sharp cutting saw to tip-trim (if using parallel tip shafts) the shafts before installation, and butt trim to length after...
Surprised the caddie didn't know this.   Years ago, this rule was really drummed into us during caddie training. Neither the head pro nor the greenskeeper wanted players gouging divots out of the wrong green with a 7 iron.
 You might take a look at the Titleist Performance Institute. TPI certifies health-care professionals to do motion analysis of golfers to get their "fitness handicap." A chiropractor took 29 movement and flexibility measures on me. The assessment helps create a fitness routine which will increase strength and stability, or improve flexibility in stiff areas. You start with a bloc of 18 workouts, with each workout varying the exercise mix a little. At the end of the bloc,...
Several European countries require you to take a two-part test to get a golf license - or certificate - to play golf at most courses. A multiple-choice and T-F test on rules and etiquette. A  playing ability test. Basic permission to play requires you to hit tee shots with specified distance and control tolerances, short game approach shots from 5 to 30 yards out, and get a certain number of putts within two feet of the cup. Next-level testing - actually playing holes...
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