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People who create slow play by looking for lost golf balls - not one they just hit - in the treeline.
Back about 1985, I sent out my driver to have a damaged grip replaced. In a supply chain mishap, my regripped driver got misrouted to an out-of-town course and was missing for about two months.   Using a 3W off the tee, I found that I actually did better on the long par 4s. I hit FWs pretty well back then, and back-to-back FWs worked better than a driver / 3i going into the greens. Also, I think I got practice benefit from hitting the 3W some 20 times a round rather than...
As Ernest Jones says, Mizuno wedges often go on sale.   This spring, Mizuno JPX wedges have been on sale here and there for $50 each. Mostly GW and LW, not many SWs.   Also, consider the Adams Watson boxed set wedges: a GW, SW and LW for about $100 total.
My course ran out of bag tags two years back and hasn't reordered.   My only tag: a small laminated card that contains the 3 x 4 yardage matrix for my partial wedge shots. Dave Pelz would be proud!
vision talked about the i20 irons. Consider trying the new i25 irons.   Even though I'm not a good golfer, I was able to hit the i25 irons OK... the ball just didn't go very far. (I got an extra 10-12 yards with the G25.)   Someone with your clubhead speed and the right shaft might really like the smaller, compact head of the i25.
 Don't underestimate energy needed for playing golf and riding a cart. Fitness studies show that a person who plays 18 and carries a bag burns about 1,700 calories. A person who rides a cart still burns about 1,200 calories. As for affect on score, It depends. If it's 100 degrees out, I play better when I ride. I walk on par 3 courses and flatter nine hole courses, but normally ride for 18. For one thing, my home course is not really "walkable." It is one of the...
If you don't have an executive course - or a par 3 course - you can modify the course you normally play on. Focus on approach and scoring.   On one hole, have the player drop a ball in the fairway 200 yards out, and hit an approach to the green. Next hole, 150 yards out; then, 120 yards out. Play the par 3 holes as is. (Playing inside 200 yards at the beginning also cuts down on the frustration of looking for wayward tee shots).   Ask the player what shot he or she...
On the other side of things, three years ago I had 0 (yes, zero) GIR, but managed an 89 (17 over).   I even birdied the 18th hole, running in a 24-foot putt from the back fringe.   (I was spraying my irons that day, and had lots of short chip shots). 
Trimming the tip will stiffen a shaft noticeably. You should consult the shaft's trim chart to determine the stiffness change.  Technically, trimming the butt stiffens it a little, a slight fraction change you wouldn't notice for an inch. Trimming from the butt will change the swingweight, about 3 points per half inch. So, your club is now 6 swingweights lighter (assuming you regrip with the same weight grip). As for the ball ballooning, any of the three could be a factor....
It depends on which flavor of True Temper shaft you have. It's best to go check the specs to be sure. For the XP95 and XP105, the R300 and S300 are high launch shafts - similar to the old Dynalites, but not as heavy.In the Dynamic Golf variants, the R300 and S300 are low launch. Be aware that the shaft characteristics listed in the club manufacturer catalogs don't always match the TT website specs. 
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