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 There will always be places in golf that cater to upscale players. Many of the people who play at this resorts are from outside the USA. Japan, for example, has lots of golfers. Most, however, only get in a couple of rounds a year because they can't afford to join the upscale Japanese clubs. So, they come to the USA to play, Hawaii being one top destination. These resorts with golf courses employ a lot of people. So people get decent jobs at these upscale places. Also, a...
My brother mastered the 2i about age 14, and still hits it well. When we play a scramble, he'll help us out with a low draw approach into the wind on a long par 4, or a snappy tee shot on a tight hole.   He never breaks 90, but he really blasts that 2i.
If a certain club model or category of clubs is starting to stack up in the warehouse, they'll put them on sale.
I'm sure I have. I never think to ask strangers this question on the No. 1 tee.
 A player needs good ball-striking and fairly good clubhead speed to make a driving iron work. Since you're just starting out, slicing hybrids may be a swing flaw, or it could indicate too stiff a shaft. Compared to a driving iron, hybrids should be easier to hit. Have someone check out your hybrid swing, or maybe post it to the Member Swings forum.
3Sept15:   Practiced 3, 5 and 10-foot putts on my astroturf strip for 10 minutes. I'm getting squarer face contact as I get used to my new putting grip. It's starting to feel automatic at set-up... a lot less hassle than the old left-hand-low.
Biggest jerk... What about Sign Boy in the FootJoy ads? Gone, but not forgotten. 
I have problems comparing basketball to golf. In basketball, the dimensions of a men's NCAA court are 94' long and 50' wide. The rims are 10' above the court, and the free throw and foul lines all in equal locations.   In golf, a par 5 can be 517 yards long, or 606 yards. It an have one bunker and cross water twice, or be dry with eight bunkers.   Likewise, golf courses are quite different from one another, plus you have a variety of turf grasses. Let's say a player...
I really like - and admire - Megyn Kelly. If I were running for president and won, she would be on my short list for White House press secretary.
I played Callaway until early this season, and have test-hit lots of their products through the years.   From a couple of different tests, I simply didn't like the X2Hot. It just felt strange, AND it had the Hallowe'en orange trim (!)   The XHot and XHot Pro felt much better. I liked both the XHot and the XR. XHot felt more aggressive, XR smoother.   Right now, Callaway Pre-Owned has: more than 30 XR iron sets available. 17 X2Hot sets 14 XHot sets   You might...
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