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Il Picciolo in Sicily. Below is a picture of a golfer teeing off with Mount Etna in the background. When I played there, the Etna volcano was emitting smoke and steam into the air.
May 24 -   Picked up my reshafted wedges last evening, and tried them out today for a half hour today at the practice green and range.   The CG14s had original TRAction (Tour Reflex Action) Wedgeflex shafts, about 125 grams. Replaced the 50º with NS Pro 8950GH (R-flex, 97 gr.), to match my reshafted iron set, and replaced the 54º and 58º shafts with KBS Tour Wedge Chrome (R.flex, 110 gr.)   The 50º felt a lot livelier on full shots, and fits nicely behind my iron...
 Is there a stat for BIR (bunkers in regulation)?
May 23 -    Warmed  up, chipping and putting. Hit a few balls. Played 18 holes. Afterware practiced driver alignment and shoulder rotation, also form work on 9 iron.
If you're in fairly good shape physically, it might be a case of getting "super loose" in the muscles and starting to overswing by mid--round.   This diagnosis comes from some small-college golfers I got to know a few years ago. A common self-critique: the players would swing well for 12 holes or so. Then, they would start missing shots - especially tee shots - on the closing stretch. Their quick fix was to "tone down" their swing.
May 22 -   Went to practice range and did whatever for about an hour. I had an additional swing thought I picked up from watching a scramble partner on Monday. He is a single-digit HDCP player, and he had a sloooow-motion takeaway on all his shots.   I worked on chipping, pitches from fluffy lie, and partial wedges. I noticed I was rushing the takeaway and was quick at the top. But, slowing things down allowed me to keep my balance better, and improved distance control...
Welcome! I teach at a college business school, and five of our faculty were either born or got their PhD in Canada.   Also, in my master's Strategy class, we did a business case on Islington Golf Club in Toronto. At the case time, it was an old-line club that was struggling to please an increasingly diverse group of members, and find ways to increase membership. The situation is quite similar to that facing many mid-tier clubs in the USA.   The case originated from...
Kostis must have tapped into a TST discussion thread from about four years ago.
I learn things from both excellent shots, and poor ones.   Last season, the announcers reviewed a shot of Tiger hitting a driver into a water hazard to the left of the fairway. In slo-mo, it clearly showed what happens when the hands and arms take over on a shot.   Lesson for me: Under pressure you want a smooth swing, not an easy swing. When I try to hit it easy, I end up with a lazy backswing and o-o-o-over-rotation on the downswing, leading to a bad miss left.
May 21 -   Spent 10 minutes working on my posture, backswing and transition at top. I used the glass door of a co-worker's office - everyone else is gone - as a mirror.   Checked posture both for torso tilt and leg bend, and keeping my weight off the heels and better centered.(I've been skipping gym workouts lately, and my hamstrings feel pretty tight near end of round.)   For takeaway, make sure I rotate shoulders to natural stop point about ear, and don't try to...
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