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Go to the Ping site, and look under irons and then classic irons. This sub-section has the pictures, specs and basic marketing info for all the Ping irons from the G2 on forward.   Among the golf OEMs, the Ping and Titleist websites have the best archival information on past club models.
I use a modified Pelz method.   It includes a yardage matrix card of average distances for quarter, half and 3/4 swings with the different wedges. (Which I haven't redone in 14 months).   One thing to remember: When you're getting your yardstick, use the balls you play on the course. If you set it up using common range balls, you'll be long on your shots with livelier game balls.
I was looking through the classic clubs section of Play It Again Sports today.   I came across three different Ping Eye2 iron sets, used but not battered. One set had early Dynamic Gold S300 shafts, and the others had these two Ping shafts: Blue tag ZZ Lite Red tag E-Z-Lite Microtaper   Does anyone know the flex and weight of the last two?
In my golf bag, turned off. I'll check it at the turn to see if Warren Buffett called me asking for advice.
 Writs-to-floor is only a starting point for clubfitters to use for initial club specs. Go ahead and get fitted. The cost of a fitting will be less than you buying and selling irons hit-and-miss until you find the right model and specs. Try the clubs out if possible - hit golf balls with them - and see if the lie angle and shaft length work for you.
I want FWs that are reliable. And, the learning curve is long for me to get comfortable with FWs. Tweaking the swing works better than swapping out 3Ws every 6 months.   Played Tour Edge Bazookas (low-profile) from 2002-2008, a mix of Callaway X Tour 3 wood and other visitors for awhile, one frustrating season with original RBZ 3WHL and 7W (stock shafts too light), and since 2013 the Tour Edge XRail 4W and 7W. (I really like 4W + 7W mix!)   I just want reliable FWs.......
The last few years, I don't buy a driver unless I get a fitting.   And, I don't switch until a new driver comes that really outdoes my previous one.   In "modern times," I played the Callaway HyperX Tour (R.flex) from 2008-2012, and currently play the Razr Fit (R.flex).   I've tried other drivers, but the RazrFit still scopes out as the most reliable. 
I struggled for years to find hybrids I liked, so I don't think I'll swap out anytime soon.
Last few years I'm in the 5+ category.   I played with an Acushnet Bullseye for years, and then went through about 10 putters in the 1990s.   In the late 1990s, I alternated a MacGregor 220 (late model re-issue) and a round-bar custom putter.   About 2005 I picked up a Ping Pal (from 1970s) and had it custom fit. Then, I won a Ping putter at a Christmas raffle, and got fitted for B60 blade-mallet combo. The Pal may go back in the bag when greens are slow.   So, I...
2-4 years.   I have CG14s with some good grooves left,so I'm still playing them. This spring I went from PW, 50 + 56 to PW, 50 + 54 +58 this spring. I rotate different wedges in and out of the bag season to season.   Again, I should get a fitting, because wedge fittings have really gotten complex the last three years.
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