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I used to play golf quite a bit, was really interested in improving my swing but a combination of things took me away from playing (work, an accident, study, relationship). I sold my clubs and all I have now is an old wedge and one of those tour striker 7 irons. I haven't used either in more than a year.   I'm in korea and I will be moving to Canada permanently next year. I want to practice in the range a little (I don't have tons of time and I don't like practicing)...
I think hes kind of joking here about how hard it is to predict this. The meat of the article is that Rory is more likely to decline slower than expected .. than Woods is to break a 5 year streak without a major. I could see a scenario where Rory beats Tiger's major record by being 80% of pre 2009 Tiger but keeping it up until 39/40. He needs good injury luck and a slower decline than normal. It's possible and I think that is the gist of the article.
Ah, in retrospect obvious. I live in Korea so I'm always on the look out for cheap shipping. Thanks folks.
I was searching the internet trying to find a site that had free international shipping, when I came upon this site. I searched and I couldn't find anything about it. http://www.axgolf.com/ I'm pretty wary of it to be honest. 
I'm in Korea under the same conditions :) right now I'm just starting evolvr but if I ever get the chance/put some money together I would love to head over for a week.
I have the opposite question. I am 'aqua' on the ping grip scale which I think means an undersized grip. I just got some ping eye 2s with the microtaper shaft.I think its .600. I want to put some pure grips. To get to my size should i use the 580 grips or the 600 and how much tape?   I'm thinking the 600 with just one layer of tape would be closest?
I lift weights on a 5X5 program with two workouts. A= squats/deadlifts/overhead press B= squats/bench/row. I'd say that big movements like this help your golf swing. You can't squat heavy with proper technique and have a weak core. It's impossible. Deadlifting with proper technique will help also. These are the two most important lifts and getting these right should be the prime goal in the gym. Squatting correctly requires decent flexibility in the hips and shoulders. I...
Not sure if this has been asked yet but is it possible/a good idea to combine the early wrist break from 'the 4 magic moves' with stack and tilt? I want to give stack and tilt but have also been preytty intrigued by the that concept.      
Yea..I know that place. That is where I got my clubs regripped. It's called Shark Time I think or Shark World. I go to a range at the very end of town in yu seong gu. I very rarely get to play a course(expensive and logistically hard) but i have to keep in trim for when i go back to ireland and play my brothers. Both my brother and brother in law are head greenkeepers and avid golfers. I really wish it wasn't so expensive to play golf here because otherwise I really love...
I've lived in Korea for the last 4 years or so. Koreans do like to have lighter skin. Sun umbrellas, visors and long sleeves are very common. Also I can;t get lower that spf 30 in my local store. I use 30 because I have fair (irish) skin and i like to get a slow tan but my north american friends say they use as low as 5. Most koreans use 50. Whitening cream is very common to the extent that tanning cream is common in the west. In short, being tanned seems country....
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