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same as above but in groups 3/4 i would go Cink/ Clark
Anyone try to brew their own beer? I've been reading online and am interested in trying it over the winter.
What Ross course in Boston is 8 dollars?
Next year sets up great for him. Last time they had the us open at Pebble he narrowly won by 15 and the open at st andrews is almost an automatic win for him every 5 years it would seem. I think he played decent last time the PGA was at WS like 4th he finished maybe but dont quote me and hell always be atleast in contention at Augusta so I see him getting 2 or 3 next year.
classic: donald ross modern: arthur hills least: Geoffrey Cornish
quaker ridge is quite a fine track do you still play there now?
i was collecting pencils for a while but got out of the habit no I only grab ones from the best courses.
third hole at wannamoisett, it serves as the picture hole for the donald ross society so you know its good. 135 yard small green surrounded by deep bunkers, a hill left and long and a creek right.
ive played pga national and doral blue, white and gold courses. the blue monster was my favorite out of those 4
yea its because of the different grinds if you go to the vokey website it details all the grinds and has pics.
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