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Hey all,    I'm a 16 year old teenager who has been golfing for two years.  This is my 3rd year and my accurate handicap is now at a 4.  Last summer (I spend everyday from 7am-9pm at the coruse) I would golf everyday.  For this upcoming season my goal is to get to a >+0.0 handicap index.  To do so I feel that I need a very strict and hardcore practice routine daily.  For example, today I spent from 1pm-9pm on the range and putting green, never went onto the...
So if your going to be using the rangefinder for shots <350, would you notice a difference visually? *while looking through the eyepiece*
No real reason. Hadn't considered the V2 to be honest. What's your opinion on both of the models? (V2 and 1600)
What about the 1600 did you like so much if it was a larger model, and required both hands to usse properly?
Are the Bushnell's hard to operate?    Does the horizontal grip affect the use?
Hey everyone, I need some serious help on this.   The season's approaching and I can't decide between the Bushnell 1600 Tournament Edition Rangefinder or the Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS?   Both don't have ongoing fees so that is no worry.  Any advice/past experiences would be greatly appreciated!    Cheers Matt
I played at Conestoga Country Club, Moors-Goose. Shot a 76, was playing my new set of titleist Ap1's. Coming up the 9th fairway, hit a 5 wood about 200, left me with 220 in, pulled out 3 wood, over the tree hit the slope and rolled to 4 feet. Made the put. Only my first year golfing but already down to an 11.0 handicap.
Sounds like you are playing the ball too far up in your stance. Try moving it back to be slightly inside your left foot (right hander). It should help your trajectory and consistency. Works for me so I thought I would give you my two cents.
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