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Name: Chip Location: MN Contact: chip.yang@hotmail dot com Item: Ping ISI Beryllium Copper Irons 3-SW possibly SW3 also. Price: $350 or B/O + shipping (should be $20 give or take $5) These are hard to find Ping ISI Blue Dots! In excellent condition! - 1* Upright - Graphite U54 Stiff shafts, besides PW which was replaced by Ping replacement it has a Ping 350 stiff flex on it. (same specs different name) - Matching Serial Numbers - In very very good...
Hey All, I have a set of Ping ISI BeCu (Beryillium Copper) 3-SW with Ping W54 Stiff graphite shafts, with the exception of the PW it was replaced with a Ping 350 Stiff graphite shaft (same specs as the W54, direct Ping replacement). They all have matching serial numbers! and is in very good condition! If you guys know anything about these clubs they are pretty hard to get! 3-PW - $320 + shipping 3-SW - $380 + shipping SW - $75 + shipping Feel free to PM me or...
My girlfriend bought me this club for my birthday and this thing is quite awesome It should substantially help out my short game. It feels awesome and has great control for the short game, but if you want to rip it. It'll go as far as your PW. I absolutely love it so far. Maybe a more indepth review of it in the spring time. Right now there is snow in MN Any of you playing this hybrid wedge? ***Edit: mods you guys want to move it to the right section?
My dad left an 8 iron around the green.. we called back and nobody returned it. =\
guys my handicap isnt 36.. my drives are great. I usually set myself up with chance for par and occasionally chance for birdie!
Not sure what to add in my bag anymore, here's what I plan on adding: -Cleveland Niblick -Nike SV Tour Wedge 60/10 -a Fairway wood or another hybrid. My clubs are in my signatures...
Wutiger, I mentioned in a post after the original stating that she is about 5'2 with some good athletic ability. She played in some organized Ladies Flag Football league
It's a nice car, but for the bang for the buck.. the mazdaspeed3 gives you a pull into your seat when you punch it! Stock for stock the Speed3 is a better machine, but going aftermarket the subie owns.
What year is your Subie? My parents have a 04' Forester and loves it. Almost 90k on it now. We've done nothing but oil change and change the brake pad. His is the 2.5XS though. I couldn't convince him to get the XT! The turbocharged one, because my mom can't drive a manual. lol
Effective - 09/02/09 thru 10/06/09 Spin Pole / Seam Marking Color Construction Rating Dimples Country Manufacturer 11 of 32 Maxfli with (X) symbol in red white 3P-SC-2c L-M 322 UNITED STATES Taylor Made Adidas Golf ---C3--- TaylorMade with T in white white 3P-SC-2c L-M 322 UNITED STATES Taylor Made Adidas Golf < TP/Red > ------------------------------------ That's the info I got about them.
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