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I was on vacation at the beach and got paired with Sara Evan's guitar player, who was vacationing also. He was a really nice guy. I got paired with a young guy one year who kept making phone calls and telling me how much money that phone call just made him. I wasn't impressed at all!
My son and I were looking for his ball that had rolled into a ditch in the fairway. He was walking beside me and almost stepped on a coiled, ready to strike, 4' cottonmouth (water moccasin). I saw it and put my forearm across my son's chest just before he stepped on it. I went back to the cart and got my 4 iron and hit it like chopping a piece of fire wood. It crawled off and was gone before I could hit it again.  
I just never use it. I use my 56* for everything close. I just started noticing that I never use the 60* and though I would use the 21* more often.
I think I'm going to change a couple of clubs in my bag. I carry a 60* wedge but never use it. I'm thinking about pulling it and replacing it with a Ping 21* hybrid.   I would have a 4 iron 21* 19* 3 wood 15*   I think this will work better for me.
I bought a Titleist 913h 19* and a matching 913F 3 wood. I tend to close the clubface on them and hit a hook but if I take my time and setup correctly, they are awsome.
I used Ping Anser  putters for the first few years that I started playing golf because they are so popular. I switched to mallet style putters and it helped my putting quiet a bit. I was at Golfsmith in Birmingham a few years ago and wound up buying my SC KOMBI 35". The red lines behind the ball really help me and I love the looks and feel. The only negative thing about this putter is the glare from the sun I get during mid-day rounds.
I keep lots of hand size towels in my bag. I know which one (white) is for my face and which one is for grips and clubs. I carry a small microfiber towel in my back pocket to clean mud and grass stains from my ball. My face and hand towels usually stay on the cart unless it's cart path only. I never walk.
I was playing alone last week and got behind a threesome on #14. It looked like a father and his two sons. One was about 12 and the other boy looked to be 15 or so. They were hitting numerous balls everywhere and laughing at each other. The dad hit a tree in front of him and the ball bounced back to the pro tees!  They were just having a good ole time and would look back at me, as if they were entertaining me.  After a while I realized that they didn't understand what...
I'm not a expert but I saw a guy check his with his thumbnail. He just slid it up the wedge face and said it should catch at every groove. I have a groove sharpener that I bought at Golfsmith. I keep my Cleveland CG14 grooves clean and sharp with it.
I keep my truck in my shop. When I pull in, I put all my irons in a 5 gallon bucket of water. I go back after a hour or two and brush, rinse, and dry them. I wash my driver and woods in my shop sink. My white Ping cart bag gets wiped down once a week.   We have bag boys but they have never offered to clean my clubs. I've seen the bucket of water and brushes at the cart drop off area.  They just put them on the cart for me. A few have offered to carry them to my...
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