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yeah I know, I stalk the board from time to time, but rarely post.  I'll do better
Really have to laugh at some of these post and hope they are meant in jest.  Otherwise a lot of sanctimonious aholes here  .   Your a real golfer if you play as often as your schedule permits, follow the rules as best as you know how, and after the round can't wait to come back out and torture yourself again!  
I haven't read all of the responses on this thread so maybe I am just rehashing someone else's post, and I will probably get raked over the coals for what I'm gonna say.    But in my opinion a very high percentage of professional athletes (especially "star" athletes) are a-holes.  Hear me out before you tar and feather me.  In your personal experience how many people (people YOU know) that have hugely inflated egos, that are not a-holes.  Be honest.  We are all jerks...
By all means, go play by yourself.  I do it frequently.  If you play on public courses you will most likely be paired with someone else, and that's great too.  But even if you play alone I always enjoy it.
That is very cool of him, kudos' to Garrigus
My kids are 7(daughter), and 5 ( son). They both have clubs and hit around in the back yard, don't yet know if they will take to it. But I hope they do, I can honestly say that one of the main reasons I took golf up was to have a sport I could play with my kids as I age, I'm 49 and I hope I can still play a good game of one on one with my son when he is a teenager, but my bet is golf will be a better option. Time will tell.
After you hit the ball, nothing matters, all the damage is done.  However, because the swing is fast, the position of your hands, body, etc. after impact is an indicator of where they were or what they were doing during impact.  That is why it matters!
  All Professional athletes, no matter the sport, are there to entertain the fans.  Yes they want to win.  But they are paid to entertain us by playing their chosen sport.  Their behavior does matter.  I didn't see what Day did to start this thread, but I have never had any problem with the way he behaves.    
  He lives to win and dominate the field, once he has convinced himself that he cannot dominate the way he did he will retire.  He will not stick around to be part of the field.    
Don't give up based on this thread.  It can be alot of fun and relaxing.  Main thing is to not take it to seriously, it's too hard of a game to get down on yourself or playing partners when things are going south.  I have always said, that if you don't have a good sense of humour you shouldn't be playing golf.    
New Posts  All Forums: