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It's nearly 10 past midnight here,I'm off to bed!
I put €30 on Europe @33/1 earlier 
  A disappointment ? really? I have yet to read a bad review on either the G15 or K15 hybrids.
I agree it is a funny picture. But the headline really gets under my skin. As a proud Irish man I feel it's time we moved on from this stereotype that we are all a bunch of alcoholics. Also I hate the term "Paddie" as a reference to a Irish man.  And yes I do realise my forum name is Paddy Harrington but Paddy is an acceptable abbreviation of Patrick or Padraigh that I don't have a problem with,but my name is not Patrick so I hate it when someone from another country...
Great year for Irish golf so far,should be a great Irish Open in a few weeks.
And when Golf is in the Olympics I look forward to seeing GMAC or/and Rory playing for Ireland under the Tri Colour!  
BTW there are plenty of "Northerners" who have a Irish passport and consider themselves every bit as Irish as us Southerners so I'm sure plenty of them supported Harrington in his major wins. Only a bigot wouldn't.    
Well I suppose that depends on if you think Northern Ireland is a real country or if it is really a part of a 32 county Ireland that is occupied by a foreign invader. But thats a debate for another day. Well done Darren great day and year for IRISH GOLF.  
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