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Played Bay Hill and Pinehurst #2. Thankfully both were free. My bachelor party next spring is pebble, spyglass, and some course in Vegas.
I have one from 3-4 years ago. It's a cool feeling. Just had to write a review of the test balls. I kept one for my wall rack
It rolled well on a fast green this week. Going out to a different course and don't know what to expect so we will see. I really didn't like the way it looked from afar, but I align well with it and roll the ball well so I grabbed it.
That's too bad. She was a member at Deercreek country club in Jacksonville, fl. Her dad is her caddy/coach and they don't work. She supports the family. Cheating is cheating.
It was love at first putt. I feel much more in control with my distance and lag puttin has improved a lot.
eBay, and yes, they more than likely fit all scotty putters.
He shouldn't be allowed to race again...and hats the least of his worries. Manslaughter would be more fitting.
I'm +3/4" and 1* up. After playing this way for years it's hard to hit anyone else's clubs square.
Congrats! It takes balls to go out there with the best and as long as you know where u lost strokes you have room to improve.
Suprise from the boss. I was promoted yesterday and am relocating to the Bentonville/Fayetteville area of Arkansas. Looking for input on some golf courses in the area.
New Posts  All Forums: