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I play every weekend. In reality I play 4-5 rounds a week as my office is a pitching wedge away from the clubhouse and my house is 5 mins from that. She understands that I spend a good bit of money at the club every month and the more I play the cheaper per round it gets!   She will play with me maybe once a month or so. We are from Florida where I could play year round. Now living in Arkansas with the little winter we have, there was about a 6-7wk period where I didn't...
There is a huge thread about this already. 
Best of luck to you. I had some friends in Jacksonville that just regained their amateur status. They competed in the local Florida mini tours and as +2 and +3 handicaps I dont think they made much more than $20K a year (hence why they have normal jobs now)
Clubs are already packed, huh? I have like 10 more rounds to play before Phoenix lol
@iacas did you ever do a review of the irons? 
During the summer my country club has men's night out one thursday a month. I look forward to this as they pair our groups in ABCD order based on handicap. If you cant make a par, pick up (because with 9-13 groups every hole gets par/birdied) Its $25 to enter each month and that covers your pizza and beer afterwords, though I usually drink a lot of whiskey during men's night out. The winning team usually gets an eagle on one of the par 5's, or they roll the pot over to the...
I hear the greens get pretty messy in the afternoon with that Poana (sp?) grass. 
Ive done it. Even the head pro has to "babysit" a few guys. 
Championship flight. I lost the first flight by 10 shots. Good buddy shot 79-85-80 to win our flight.
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