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So, almost a year later...what do you think? Ill be needing new irons in the spring as mine are going on 6 years old and showing some wear on the face...a drive down to Texas for fitting would be fun.
Watching now....   this isnt golf. Why golf channel....why?
My good shots were great, bad shots were shanks. I got the little narrower stance and inward knee flex, but still moving the head and flipping at impact. Felt like I had somewhat more hip turn than normal. Good news is I didn't hook a single ball on the range today. Going out for 9 holes with my fiance tomorrow night so we will see how it goes.   
@mvmac it was really that simple....unbelievable. Hitting the ball great. I can feel the inward flex of my knee but just gotta get that feeling engrained. Incredible. Videos uploading tonight.
Thanks Mike. Ill be out there the next 5 days working on this.
I keep a bottle of Jim Beam in my bag and just get cokes from the cart girl. Beer doesnt do it for me on the golf course.
I decided to bring the camera back out as I have developed a terrible pull hook and it is costing me off the tee as of late. I always play a big draw and can control it, but its gotten so out of hand recently that I'm incurring penalty strokes.    I know I am flipping and do not have a firm left wrist and am flipping....and like before, do not turn my hips enough (or at all). Thing is, up until a week or two ago I have been hitting the ball very well shooting my best...
Yes, they slowed them down to 11.5 on the stimp where as I (and other members) play them in the 12's. 
I don't wear a glove and have been playing well with my new pure grips.
There were plenty of fans within 5 ft of her on 18 tee. She could've easily said where do I stand and maybe 500 people coulda told her. It was a mental mistake and cost her defending her win at Pinnacle. The course was in excellent shape and I can't wait to get out and play it tomorrow!
New Posts  All Forums: