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I brush up on a few chapters here and there when I travel for work. Constantly have to remind myself about not banging balls at the range and practicing with a purpose.
I was pleased to see the CB's. I'm still gaming my 710's but am looking for a new set in the spring. I'm not super sold on the look of the new titleist irons, so I'm actually leaning towards the Ben hogan irons that came out this year. Price isn't an issue considering I play a set of irons for about 7-8 years before switching.
Yes, the site owners are authors of the book, but a lot of the material and stats came from people on this website. It's a great book.Getting fitted for the right clubs will make your game more enjoyable, not to mention get your swing right for a 6'6 guy. U shouldn't have to bend over more just to compensate for standard clubs. Golf is hard enough already.
Here is my mid year update. Not playing as much golf as I would like (only 28 rounds YTD). With 5 months to go, I think I can get another 40+ rounds in. FIR: 43.4%GIR: 34.6%Putts Per Hole: 1.83 Rounds Under 801 round under 75Still an 8.1 Handicap, though it slipped up for a few revisions. 
I am 6'3 and my clubs are +3/4".    Now, that is just for me...not every guy who is 6'3. As others have stated get fitted, even if you don't buy the clubs.    Lessons are great, but if you cant afford them, try this thing out for a start lowestscorewins.com.   Go play golf. That is how you will get better. 
I voted Better.    I consistently have more birdies and fewer Doubles + in the last two months than I did the first 2 months of this season. I also shot my lowest score in 4 years a few weeks ago.   
I bought it on release day and have been playing the full 18 hole new tour version or whatever where you cant zoom or control spin.   Its ok. Was expecting it to be a bit better. Not happy with the lack of courses. The game was pretty hard for me at first after I created a golfer. I would say Ive played about 20 rounds and have only made 3-4 cuts. I did win one tournament -13. It kinda leaves me wanting a bit more from the game. Need to try to head to head mode or play...
I think "sucking at golf" is also relative.... a 7 handicap sucks compared to a 2.   But back to the topic, yeah having custom fit gear wont give you instant good scores, but it does help. 
I have hit a hook that started 30 yards right of the fairway and ended in the left rough
Hello and welcome! Where in Arkansas are you located?
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