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eBay, and yes, they more than likely fit all scotty putters.
He shouldn't be allowed to race again...and hats the least of his worries. Manslaughter would be more fitting.
I'm +3/4" and 1* up. After playing this way for years it's hard to hit anyone else's clubs square.
Congrats! It takes balls to go out there with the best and as long as you know where u lost strokes you have room to improve.
Suprise from the boss. I was promoted yesterday and am relocating to the Bentonville/Fayetteville area of Arkansas. Looking for input on some golf courses in the area.
I sent them an email last night about membership and their Junior Executive rate is very fair. I am considering joining mainly becuase of the practice facility, condition of the course, and abundent tournaments on the schedule. I just wanted to see if any fellow TST member have played it since I value your opinion over someone on yelp.
Finally finished the book last night. Cant wait to get on the course Friday and see how I do with my knew knowledge. Will probably need to re-read the book a few more times, but I did really enjoy it.
Can a jersey guy qualify?
While I highly empathize with you, the average scratch golfer isn't usually booking on golfnow.com. It sucked, I know I've been there. I'd just write it off and move on hoping it doesn't happen again. I too wish there were more Pairings based on handicaps so the betting would be fun, but you get what ya get. Tell your buddies they suck for leaving u hanging and better luck next time.
It's all in your head. Don't keep track of your score and just write down the numbers? I suffer from finishing strong as well. Had a great round this weekend, but like you mention, it could've been so much better.
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