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Thanks, guys. I looked at Chambers Bay and a lot of the reviews said that the course is charging so much because the US Open is coming up, but that it was not in the condition of a $200 per round course. I read great things about Gold Mountain Olympic Course. I still have to check with my dad and see if he is willing to play with me. I appreciate the advice.
I am going to be going on an Alaskan Cruise out of Seattle on August 9th. I plan on being in Seattle on Sunday and Monday before the cruise ship leaves.   Anyone have an golf course recommendations? Hopefully its not raining. (I hear it rains a lot out there)
I didnt get mine either. As a matter of fact, all the guys at my country club who I told about the website also didn't get tickets.
I really, really dont understand how some golfers play slow. I can play 9 holes in 50 mins to an hour without anyone on the course, and still shoot a good score.
It all depends on the slope and rating of your course. I shot a 76 at my home course (Par 71) from the tips and the differential was a 2.3....
I dont like to think "dont crush this ball". I use the "swing smooth and firm".
Thats different. Very nice.
I am a member of a country club and its $180 a month, unlimited golf, and $250 a year for unlimited range...     Just to give you an idea on what some people are paying. Other courses in the area offer $65 a month unlimited range.
So what you're saying is, its still "the archer, not the arrow", huh?
We have a very close group of guys who play every Friday-Sunday and everyone knows where everyone stands, handicap-wise. I was an 8 going into the tournament, and also the highest index. Our Champion is a 0.3 handicap, and there were 5 other guys under a 3.5. With that being said, he still won by 20 shots. He lost in the second round of match play this year to the eventual winner(a 1.7 handicap). I lost in the 3rd round.   We all knew going into the tournament that...
New Posts  All Forums: