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Thank you! She's a keeper and we're getting out for a round this weekend. Wedding planning has been a doozy
World woods is still nice as ever and a great change of pace for the typical Florida golf courses. If you look up goat ranch in the dictionary diamond hill would be pictured....but it's ere I learned how to golf so even if it's never in great shape it holds a place in my heart. Helps too after all these rounds I know what doglegs I can cut off from the tee and how that long ass 600yd #9 par 5 will get you if you don't hit 3 good shots.
Last month j went back home to Tampa Florida for a golf long weekend with my buddies. We played 6 rounds in 4 days. Weather was spectacular in the 70's. Started out strong with an 80, then after a late night I shot 83-87 the next day. Saturday we played world woods in brooksville and had a $50 total stroke tournament for two rounds. Shot 89-93 and was pretty disappointed. I called double or nothing on the last round (so I'm either out 200 or make 400). We played our old...
Im a born Floridian and this is my first winter outside of Florida. I'm used to taking half days on Fridays in the end of the year during day light savings to play golf....but 28* here recently has killed any desire to golf with my blade irons. It's supposed to be 50* thanksgiving through Sunday so I'll play every day. Just weird to me playing on a brown course.
What a difference rotating my feet outward made. I shot an 89 Friday and Sunday after reading your post I shot an 81. Had 3 birdies and just flat out played much better tee to green. Going to keep working and getting my new putter grooved in.
Thank you @mvmac. I will work on the backswing next range session. I have a 10 finger grip currently. The overlap and interlocking feel so weird to me.
Here we are 3 years later. Just joined Pinnacle Country Club in NW Arkansas. Finally able to consistantly work on my swing after a short stint in New Jersey. My friend told me I was losing power and distance since I was not rotating my hips enough in my back swing, so thats what Im working on at the moment. My miss has changed over the years from a slice to a big hook. I was also told when I hit the bad hook I am coming back and through so flat....almost rotating the club...
Played Bay Hill and Pinehurst #2. Thankfully both were free. My bachelor party next spring is pebble, spyglass, and some course in Vegas.
I have one from 3-4 years ago. It's a cool feeling. Just had to write a review of the test balls. I kept one for my wall rack
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