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I sent them an email last night about membership and their Junior Executive rate is very fair. I am considering joining mainly becuase of the practice facility, condition of the course, and abundent tournaments on the schedule. I just wanted to see if any fellow TST member have played it since I value your opinion over someone on yelp.
Finally finished the book last night. Cant wait to get on the course Friday and see how I do with my knew knowledge. Will probably need to re-read the book a few more times, but I did really enjoy it.
Can a jersey guy qualify?
While I highly empathize with you, the average scratch golfer isn't usually booking on golfnow.com. It sucked, I know I've been there. I'd just write it off and move on hoping it doesn't happen again. I too wish there were more Pairings based on handicaps so the betting would be fun, but you get what ya get. Tell your buddies they suck for leaving u hanging and better luck next time.
It's all in your head. Don't keep track of your score and just write down the numbers? I suffer from finishing strong as well. Had a great round this weekend, but like you mention, it could've been so much better.
  I typically shoot better scores when I play with more than 1 person (3 some or 4 some). I move through the process too fast. Im not looking to slow down pace of play, more or less stop and think for a second before I take my shot. I find myself driving up to my ball 5-7 yards short of the green asking myself why I chose to shoot for the front pin and didnt just take an extra club. I take my time on the putting green trying to feel out the break and whatnot, but tee shots...
Sad thing is I usually score a few shots worse when I play by myself doing this method. Maybe because nobody is there and I'm just "practicing". On the flip side I played an extra 9 holes by myself once and started off with 5 consecutive birdies only to shoot 1 under on the side. Nobody would've believed me if they had seen it with their own eyes lol. I couldn't miss that 9 holes.
I know pace of play is usually a big topic, however I'm trying to work on the opposite of the usual complaint. I can play 18 holes in about 2 hrs 15 mins if nobody is in front of me. My group usually plays ready golf since I am always ready to hit my shot before the other guys have even figured out what club to hit. This has to be hindering my scores. I don't think and just go go go. Give me a yardage give me a club and whack. My pre shot routine is pretty minimal. Maybe...
True, but at one point a few years ago I was a 4 and it kills me to shoot this high. I make a mistake and just think man why did I do that.Back to the topic, I love getting paired up with locals who know the course well.
My handicap is climbing because I am playing a new course every week. I've played two courses 3 times not and shot low 80's while a new course last Friday I carded an embarrassing 95. Knowing where the landing zones and green slopes make a big deal. I hit one green on the wrong tier and it was so drastic that the putt I barely got going picked up so much speed it rolled in a lake. Nothing like hitting a GIR then takin a double. I voted 1-2 shots, but I'd say for me it's...
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