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What a difference rotating my feet outward made. I shot an 89 Friday and Sunday after reading your post I shot an 81. Had 3 birdies and just flat out played much better tee to green. Going to keep working and getting my new putter grooved in.
Thank you @mvmac. I will work on the backswing next range session. I have a 10 finger grip currently. The overlap and interlocking feel so weird to me.
Here we are 3 years later. Just joined Pinnacle Country Club in NW Arkansas. Finally able to consistantly work on my swing after a short stint in New Jersey. My friend told me I was losing power and distance since I was not rotating my hips enough in my back swing, so thats what Im working on at the moment. My miss has changed over the years from a slice to a big hook. I was also told when I hit the bad hook I am coming back and through so flat....almost rotating the club...
Played Bay Hill and Pinehurst #2. Thankfully both were free. My bachelor party next spring is pebble, spyglass, and some course in Vegas.
I have one from 3-4 years ago. It's a cool feeling. Just had to write a review of the test balls. I kept one for my wall rack
It rolled well on a fast green this week. Going out to a different course and don't know what to expect so we will see. I really didn't like the way it looked from afar, but I align well with it and roll the ball well so I grabbed it.
That's too bad. She was a member at Deercreek country club in Jacksonville, fl. Her dad is her caddy/coach and they don't work. She supports the family. Cheating is cheating.
It was love at first putt. I feel much more in control with my distance and lag puttin has improved a lot.
eBay, and yes, they more than likely fit all scotty putters.
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