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http://www.ebay.com/usr/spry-evo?_trksid=p2047675.l2559   Hey guys. Here is the Ebay seller I went through. Again, he has never heard of the Crimson 550 putter, but he was able to create an insert that was custom fit for my putter. He is located in North Carolina and it only took about 4 weeks to get all the work done. All in all it cost me about $75 with the black oxidized finish. 
Just goes to show ya, if u want to be the best you have to scrape n claw your way to the top.
I've had my CB's since 2009' however I didn't play some titleist MB 712 for 8 months last year and went back to my custom fitted set. I think when titleist comes out with the next set of AP2's I'm going to get fitted for them. Who knows. I have some wear on my current set going on 7 years now.
So I took out my old insert, and sent my putter head to spyro golf on eBay. He created a custom copped milled insert for my odyssey, as well as doing a black oxidized finish and redoing the paint fill. Overal I am very pleased and it feels incredible on the green. I've had this thing for 8 years and she's been benched for two Scottys but I've come back to her and she's always been good to me. before: After:
Absolutely not. They won't bend.
I think most players are betting on their own ability to win. They cant really bet on the outcome of an event because they dont have as much control of the outcome as a pitcher would in Baseball or a QB in football would.   Im super confident in myself and my game, when gauged against the right players and like Romo usually dont give myself enough strokes....but unlike Tony, it only takes one whooping before Im begging for more strokes. 
I still mark a scorecard with my score, FIR and putts, so when I miss a fairway I know to double check vs GAME Golf until it shows that I missed the fairway. 
Ok got in some time tonight. Still working on Turing around my spine so my left shoulder angle is pointed more towards the ball vs being parallel to the ground. Still not great, but it's improving.
I prefer the tap n go. My phone used to die from golf goes apps on the course and now I hardly touch it during a round.
Honestly, with some classes and passing the PAT you should be able to be a golf professional. I think you just have to shoot like a 144 or better on back to back 36 holes from 6,000 yards with pins in the center of the green.
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