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Started off Memorial Day weekend with 2" of rain yesterday. Not supposed to stop til Tuesday. Looks like I'll have to squeeze in 18 after work this week.
Nice! I like that Hopkins lets u try them out and return if you don't like them.
I've been a member on mustang forums . Com for over 10 years and have lived through multiple changes and layouts. They only get better. Bets of luck guys. Looking forward to the final product.
So I've been gaming my 52 and 60 wedges for several years now, and my 56 has about 14 months on it. All are showing signs of good wear and have lost their zip on the greens. I used to hit a shot 15 ft past the flag and it would zip back a bit. Now I'm lucky if the ball checks where it lands.    With that said, my wedges have been great to me, but I'm looking to order a full set (52-56-60) and want them stamped and cool ferrels/grips/shafts.    I looked at score, edel,...
So I took note of your post and this weekend I wrote down all my approach shot distances on my score carer after shooting them with the laser. Game Golf was within 1-3 yards 90% of the time, so who knows. Mine seems to be working fine. The only hole it was off by more than 10 yards was a huge downhill par 3, though I dont think elevation would have too much impact on a gps tracking device. Either way, Im very happy with my game golf unit, and have sold several guys in my...
According to game golf, I typically hit my 8 iron 170. 
I have not used the app, but it is so easy to use the system. Literally, click, line up my shot, practice swing, go! With Memorial Day weekend coming up I'll get in 72 holes so I better keep playing my ass off or I'll fall down the leaderboard. I'm not gonna just let my scores stand, I play too much to do so.
I went out today and played some incredible golf. Shot a personal best at my new country club with a 74. Really hitting greens helped tremendously. My first sub 78 round in almost 3 years. Still locked in second place. Also, @mvmac take note of that for the Newport cup team!!!
Man we have some low scores posted. Kinda kicking myself tonight as I had a decent round today but it brought my average score up in the challenge so I slepipped out of 3rd place. Gotta go low tomorrow!
I get it all the time, yet there are no golfnow courses within 50 miles of my new home. 
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