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Yes sir. I feel your pain. The problem is confidence, over swinging and fear. How to fix it? Go to the range and tee up 10 balls in a row. Now put 10 on the ground in between creating twenty in a row 10 teed up 10 on the ground. Hit one with your 7-iron using that smooth butter swing, then immediately grab your driver. using the SAME swing hit a drive out there a little way and grab the 7-iron. Focus on keeping the swing smooth and efficient, using your body, not your...
Let me tell you a story. I came to the ninth hole of a nine hole match all square. My competitor hit his drive about 285-295 right down the center. I topped my drive rolling it into the right trees just past the ladies tees. I hit a low cut out of the trees that left me hitting my third shot from 215 to a small bunkered green up the hill. I hit a perfect shot to about twenty feet and made the putt for par.My competitor hit his approach from about 155 just off the green...
I have had a wedge and cell phone stolen. Get a Dunlop putter cover from Walmart!
Thanks man, but I'm no Julia Child, She is awesome! Good luck on the course Tomorrow!
Very good explanation Zeph. Teeing the ball lower may help players hit this shot with the driver, but I think it's best to try and work the ball from a pretty high tee.The reason we get more distance from A draw or power fade is because we are hitting the ball and releasing fully, creating max clubhead speed and control by using our natural golf swing. When the dude above you (Calboomer) hits the fade as he is describing he unintentionally holds off the release by...
Exactly! That guy above you needs to read my earlier explanation.
Don't know where yet... Hoping to find somwhere cheeeeaaaap! I want to get a job there but they say they are all full.
Man! Im movin down there to play at ww!
If I was on that side of the pond we would play man...
http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28847 here is the thread
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