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The first person to get $195 + paypal fee and shipping takes it!
I have a used Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select 34" RH Newport 2009 for sale The story is I bought the putter from a golf shop brand new during late September, however I got hyped into buying the new Scotty Cameron Monterey this month and I need the money soon to pay it off. Literally, I used it no more than six rounds. I just can't afford to carry two $300 worth putters during this economy. It has little scuff marks on the sole and very, I mean VERY minor dings...
he must have been drinking his milk.
a: Probably a new titleist hat q: what do you think of the new scotty cameron california series?
so how much can you get the mp58 for and the new ap2?
any courses with a lot of water and good scenary. I dont know why but water gives an adrenaline rush and makes golf like 3x more fun. if PGA issued a new rule saying that you are allowed to carry 13 clubs, which club would you take out?
In the order of desire: 1) Scotty Cameron California Monterey Putter 33" 2) Depending on the performance: new laser milled CG15 56° and 60° 2 dot or Vokey spin mill 56°-11°b and 60°-7°b 3) fairway set 3 and 5 r9 stiff
I love new castle on tap. Its sooo smooth.
A: probably hank haney I love watching what he does with charles barkley Q: Would you rather play at pebble beach or augusta?
balls, a jacket, tees, divot repair, quarters for ballmarking, towel, and some random score card and pencils
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