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I was watching the u.s. Open and hear the guys on the golf channel talking about electrolyte pills. They are AWESOMME. I pop about 6 of them at the start of the round an stay hydrated. The heat is no problem at all.
Maybe. You can get your karma under control. No matter how good it feels to throw a club, it's never the clubs fault. The only advice I have is that be it with your driver or any other club, try to feel or perceive a discernible pause at the top of the backswing before you start our downswing. It really won't be visible by the eye but you can feel it. A smooth transition is key for me on the driver and really any club.
Freddie's swing is awesome to watch. I've got to say that If I could duplicate someones swing it would be Louis Oosthuizen's.
When I hear an announcer talk about maintaining the right knee flex, I assume they mean that the player should maintain the same flex they have at address throughout the entire swing. Paul's right knee does maintain "some" flex but it visibly does straigten to some degree during the backswing as do most if not all good ballstrikers. If someone has a video of a good ballstriker maintaining the exact same flex throughout the swing, I'd be interested in seeing it.
I'm gonna try this method next time I need to lob one under a tree.
Give the Adams Idea Pro Black series a try.
Anybody, Bueller??
When he said it, Charlie was right up on a trap. His right foot was almost in the trap. I think he was talking about the the balance needed to hit that shot. I think he thought Charlie might fall back into the trap.
that Charlie Wi is one of those Tilt and Stack guys and they have a tendency to get stuck on the right side. Now I haven't been learning the S and T very long but I know that is a completely ridiculous statement. You would think that a person would be educated on a topic before they would elaborate. I know it happens all the time but it's kinda crappy.
Just heard Frank Nobilo say "Charlie Wi is one of those Tilt and Stack guys and they have a habit of getting stuck back on the right side" Now I haven't been learning the SandT very long but I know that's a ridiculous statement.
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