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Seriously though, if you point it out and the guy spouts out a 4 letter work back, is he really going to care about the rulebook?
I realize the thread is geared for the iphone, but I gotta vent about the Android version anyway. My feeling is that they ruined golflogix with the new "features":   1) I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but when you are using the club tracking, the distance it shows when you save the shot is not the same as what you see after you finished the round. I find that now the distances are about 20 yards shorter (on drives) than what it said when you are standing...
Rice isn't in the Big 12. The teams on the outside looking in will be Kansas, Kansas St., Iowa St. and Missouri. Although I think at least Kansas and Missouri will go to the Mountain West.
I think NCAA rules are that any conference with 12 or more teams must have a conference championship game.
Go Big Red!!! Hello Big 10!! Gonna be great!
I'm still using my Ping Zing irons...I hit them better than a lot of guys with new clubs. I don't think iron technology has changed all that much. Woods are a different story. 20 year old woods can't match the ones of today with a caveat...the driver lengths are generally too long for good control by most mid-high handicappers.
I'll guess 2.7
This probably sounds stupid, but I have a bag I really like with a red/black nylon (?) exterior. The problem is the red has faded from the sun to what is beginning to look a little pink. I have a hatchback and keep my clubs in the back for playing after work so I don't have to drive home first. Does anyone know of a way, if one even exists, to recolor the red so it doesn't look like I'm using my wife's bag?
Same as RY1808. 48, 52, 56, 60. I kind of subscribe to the Dave Pelz philosophy. Learn to hit each of the 4 wedges utilizing backswings to 10:30, 9:00, and 7:30. This gives you 12 different distances. You gotta practice it a lot though.
New Posts  All Forums: