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6600 yards isnt that long at all. Thats a pretty average course. Thats around what i play for school. And i never hit anything more than an 8 iron into a par 4 green. And to be completly honest im not even one of the top 5 longest hitters off the tee on my team. 7100 is pretty long and challenging. However, over the summer I played a course that was 7402. This is just ridiculous!!! 615 par 5, 492 par 4.That is a long course...
hit down on it, take a divot. unless this was legit clay and would be like impossible to take a divot.
ha idk. sometimes i trust them. sometimes i dont. but i go into a simulator and hit a titleist ap2 6 iron 200 yards. And im hitting it good but there is no way 200 yards good. On the course my 6 irons going 185 max.
http://blogs.golf.com/equipment/2009...cc-wedges.html new vokeys
those r9s are grose indeed!!! but i kind of like those forged burners....
ya youre right those are cci's.. i have never seen one with that little black on it. usually its more.
you are correct he is using a superquad. and heres stewart cink using a nike iron i have never seen. maybe a protype or something to soon be released..
thank you sir
negative..its an R9. hes been using it for a while
this thread is for equipment sightings. So post pics of pros using either new equipment that hasnt been released yet. Or post pics of pros using equipment that they usually dont use. So please dont show Tiger using the same dymo driver he always using or anything else like that... For starters im posting pics of my boy Padraig who is using a Taylormade R9 driver and a taylormade Burner 3 wood. He has been using the R9 for quite a while but still hes a wilson staff...
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