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There is Fresh pond course in Cambridge and Pine meadow in Lenxington. Both of them are 9 hole. I found that Fresh pond can be a little more crowded on weekends. Lexington has a decent driving range called Stone meadow.
If you read the article, that's supposed to be a teaser. NE has more to to come. We'll see.
There is a claimed picture of him at the sex rehab. Certainly looks like him but this age of photoshop, how can you trust anything? http://blogs.golf.com/presstent/2010...ex-clinic.html
It's good to hear that you had a good experience. I'll just need to find a time during weekday. Now, you mentioned, the net is 50 yard away? They advertise (also from the picture) that it's 200 yard long so what's up with that? It's not a show stopper but still 50 yard and 200 yard are quite different. Not being crowded is good but I hope that there will be enough people going there so that they can continue to offer this. I really think that they should do more...
Nope, it has driving range too.http://www.forekicks.com/marlboro/co...n=drivingrange 200 x 100 yard big. It looks great although it may be the ceiling that's going to stop your ball first. But I cannot complain compared to hitting into a net 10 yard away Can't wait to check it out.
I work near the southborough range so I go there almost every week during the season. I was thinking of going when I see the temperature going up at least 40. Yeh, I had the same problem with the mats so I usually bring my own portable strip. Regarding the grass, in 2008, there was grass hitting area with extra charge. But last year, somehow they stopped offering the grass area. I don't know why. You can get a 40 bucket card that give some discount. You can also get a...
I went Natik Golf Center over the weekend. Only indoor part, of course. The putting area is rather small but they have about 5-6 net hitting bays, which were't that crowded. There are two golf simulators. Using hitting bays is only $6 for all day, which I thought was pretty good deal. You can also try different clubs available there. The golf simulator looked nice- it can be in driving range mode or actual golf course mode. Driving range mode gives you all the swing info-...
Start your take away slowly and stop when your hand is about waist high. Turn your head and look at how the shaft is angled. It may point up/down or left/right. "parallel to the target line" means it shouldn't be too far left nor right. The butt end of the club should point to the target. "parallel to the ground" means it shouldn't be too far up/down. The butt end and club head should be equal distance from the ground. This insures that you are 1) not too far in/out of...
I bought a kid club set for my 5 year daughter. It turns out that I was using it more than she did at home since it was short enough for our ceiling. I do practice 1/2 swings with 9 iron from time to time. Of course when I'm getting hang of it, it becomes 2/3 swing and I have a few clipping marks on the ceiling.
Thanks for the info. I've been meaning to check out NGC soon.I was told that there are two teaching pros in Soughborough. Do you know which one your friend goes to? I forget his name but one of the teaching pro seems to be very friendly. When I'm on the range and he walks by, he sometimes gives a quick advice.
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