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Update on mine from over a two year period of on and off pain with this. Currently oplaying 1-2 times a week with mild pain on and off.   Originally thought to be the joint in the back causing the nerve to pinch and radiate pain around to the front right hand side. Physio helped a lot with this and I can perform certain release techniques on myself with some success. But now after seeing another doctor it is thought to be "slippy rib syndrome"    So...
Standard GP TV 58 Round on all of my clubs (bar putter) feel is great driver through wedges
Looking good, did you take a pic of the 52s with no paint fill? meant to look real nice that way.   I did this to my Mizuno wedges in the same colour scheme back in March, I have the MPT-11s now though and they are blue and white so no need to change them   http://thesandtrap.com/t/44481/mizuno-mp-t10-wedge-custom-paint#post_581196
Could not have put it better my self  
Not wanting to defend what Daly did hitting all his balls into the water and walking off, but these loud mouth fools did not do him any favours "hooraying" every time he dumped one in the Lake! Not golf spectator behaviour IMO  
    Agree 100% What you describe and the length of time and pain level sounds like a possible rib fracture or tear in the muscles? Go see another doctor and get some x rays or MRI done, or pay to go see a good physio first
I was like this when I first hit a Mizuno iron, MP52s and it blew me away.   I play the MP53s now with the KBS FST Tour shaft and loved them so much I got the MP-T11 with the KBS HiRev in
Mizuno Aerolite
I use mine quite a lot   We have mostly 200 yard Par 3s on my courses off the comp tees and that is a 4 iron for me. I also use it on shorter par 4s off the tee, as well as off the fairway on long par4s and tight par5s.
Just started our Winter league and it finishes in Feb next year, so will be playing right the way through unless the course is closed due to heavy snow :)
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