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I use mine quite a lot   We have mostly 200 yard Par 3s on my courses off the comp tees and that is a 4 iron for me. I also use it on shorter par 4s off the tee, as well as off the fairway on long par4s and tight par5s.
Just started our Winter league and it finishes in Feb next year, so will be playing right the way through unless the course is closed due to heavy snow :)
Don't overlook the Mizuno JPX 800, I was struggling with my Nike Sumo and got a Mizuno one, it is very forgiving and long. So good I got the driver to match 
Yep I wear an Under Armour long sleeve top, with a normal golf polo and sleeveless jumper OR long sleeved jumper depending on how cold it is. It makes a big difference and has a slight turtle neck as well to keep the wind out. If it is real windy I will put my waterproof trousers over my normal golf trousers also.   This is the one I have, although I look nowt like this   
Looks good but I would swap the 9 and PW over and it will be perfect 
LOL glad I am not the only one    If I am playing badly, I drop the driver after a bad tee shot sometimes, get angry with my self and moan and talk to myself a lot and discuss what if this and what if that with my playing partner  I must drive him nuts, but I am miles better now than I used to be and really try to be calm and accept I am shite most of the time...   If I am playing well though I am OK 
I had Adidas 360 3.0 and thought they were the best shoes I had worn for golf (had Callaway & Footjoy) then I gave these a try and am getting another pair in Black for winter    Nike Lunar Control These are like slippers, very stable and for a white shoe easy to clean, plus the spikes (unlike the Adidas ones) are easy to come by 
Well I voted "like to sort things out myself" but one thing I have learnt this season after climbing from 14.1 to 14.9 is that I can't fix my self!   I finally swallowed my pride and had 1 lesson for £20 that identified my issue's (balance and timing) and two weeks later with minimal practice and two rounds of 18, I am on my way back to lower scores.   I will now never try and self fix again.   I guess I was lucky in that widening my stance along with staying...
No, but then they would have been talking about the golf course and tournament when they were asked "how are you finding Hilton Head" by the interviewer and not trying to be clever by saying "oh yeah its great we did a bunch of stuff on that island where the natives used to live" not that he was asked a question about local knowledge anyway.   All I am saying is that why start rambling about stuff that he was not asked about by the interviewer, when clearly he was being...
Ref Dustin, Yeah the eye's tell everything, what a stupid statement to make.   Ref Bubba, Well I would not have expected anything else from a "there is nothing outside the USA" person, oh yeah he is being paid to play golf so just walk around bitching and making stupid comments, refuse to share a car as he should have his own, as for France I would not expect him to know anything about the place as it does not matter does it, it is not in the USA
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