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Fair enough 
  Give me a break, I see some crap posted on this site but that is no excuse for how he has acted, ADD or not.   He is a professional and should act that way, not sharing a car with another Euro player because he wanted his own! superstar or not it sounds like he is up his own ass “do you know who I think I am” and all that….   As for Johnson I am sure he knows where he when in Europe (not playing in France) is and his conduct has been impeccable on the Euro Tour events...
Srixon Distance (about £10 a box in the UK) give them a go 
Well I have not seen a Mizzy bag on this post yet?   I am using this and it is silly light!   Mizuno Aerolite 2011        
I have had my 53s for a few months now, awesome irons, got the MP T11 wedges as well in 52 and 58 :)    I had to wait 3 weeks for mine but they are worth the wait.
Were they bent by Mizuno at time of build or did you buy them off the shelf standard and then have them bent?   If it was done after build, then it is possible bending them may have loosened the ferrule (that's what it is called) if it comes out completely then just pop a bit of glue or resin under it and stick it back down, the shaft is glued to the head separately from the ferrule.
I currently play MP53 4-PW with a Nike Sumo 21 Hybrid (3 iron) When I had my last clubs (MP52s) I played 3-PW but still carried the 3H as although it offered the same distance it had a much higher ball flight so was great for dropping on the green, clearing trees etc. I used the 3 iron off the tee though and for lower ball flight as needed (wind, fairway runout etc)    I am for the long irons though, in fact I hit my 4 iron more than my hybrid and 3 wood these...
I am undecided after watching this.   The idea is good and it made for good viewing golf wise, what I did not like was the on course and in studio commentary, each 3 ball had an on course with them and John Hawksworth in the studio, this ended up with them all talking over each other and almost made me mute the audio as it was at times painful, so this needs sorting out.   On the subject of John Hawksworth I think he was trying to be too funny and kept going over...
I heard it on the radio this morning on the way to golf, very sad news indeed and made the 18 I played today kinda numb. I remember as a young kid my dad talking to people he was giving lessons too saying "like Seve does" one of my youngest memories. I just spoke to my father and he is beside him self, 70 years old and never heard him sound so sad, shows the impact that Seve had on so many people. A legend that will live on for ever, R.I.P
That just made me spit water all over my keyboard, man that thang is fugly.    
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