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The Nail Varnish/Polish my wife uses is Rimmel and is Enamel, so just the same as the Testors model paint.
Will do man, I used the same blue varnish on my old Ping Tour-W soles and that was still on them after 3 months of use over winter when I sold them, two weeks ago.  
  Cheers, it is so easy to do.   I used Nitromor All Purpose Paint & Varnish Remover and Cotton buds (Q Tips) to get all the paint fill out, rinsed them and then did the Blue on the sole and Mizuno text using the Navy Blue nail varnish, the brush that comes with the nail varnish is great and if you just put enough to paint fill don't worry about getting on the face of the club around the lettering, I just gave it a quick blow and then with flat tissue used some nail...
Cheers it is a Navy Blue Nail Polish, almost looks like a purple blue in the bottle but comes out real nice over the silver 
Could not agree more, what a bunch of clowns.   K. J. Choi gamed Ping G15's at last years Masters, he even uses these for his 52 & 56, guess they would call him a cheat?    
Yeah me neither, but it was only on the log and number on the sole, both clubs have been used in quite hard bunkers as well (due to weather in UK) so that may have contributed, still I like them better than the black/red/white colours they came in.    
After only two rounds the paint fill on the soles of both my MP-T10 wedges was starting to flake off, so I figured I would strip them and then custom paint fill them in blue and white. This is the end result, what you think?  
Well said mate.
Yeah well done Luke, did not go down in any match all the way through as well. Congrats to Kaymer on world No 1 as well, will see now if Westwood can respond as his game has not got going this year so far...   Rank Player Avg...
http://thesandtrap.com/forum/thread/34075/need-str8-fit-instruction-manual   As for your questions, as said closing the face will increase the loft and opening the face will decrease the loft.   As for distance, this will vary due to conditions but as a general rule, most shots to the right will de shorter as will a lower shot (although a lower shot will be better in windy conditions) as it will have less carry, but may roll out longer on dry & firm...
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