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I always walk, recently switched to a trolley from Carrying though and while I am in good shape this has made a massive difference to my game so far, just seem fresher coming up the stretch.   So if you have not walked for 15 years then a trolley is a must I say 
Just read this, this bloke needs to get with the times..   Yeah Rickie is new and fresh and while I am not into the "rappers/motocross hat" he hardly walks around all scruffy looking like a tramp, even if he wears bright orange he still look smart and well presented.   If this idiot also thinks that Rickie is all the US PGA has to offer as a replacement for Tiger then he know nothing about the game, maybe his next subscription should be Gardeners World!
About 3 rounds ago, 401 yard par 4.   It was raining quite heavy and I slipped on the tee box at impact, with 3 wood  and duffed it about 20 yards into long rough in front of junior tee box. It was sitting kinda high in the grass so decided to hack it out with my hybrid, caught it well but ended up in right rough about 115 from the green, hit a pure sky wedge that landed about 30 foot from pin and drained the left to right down hill breaker for par.   Hole aint...
What he said 
Cheers :) 
"shoulder subacromial decompression via arthroscopy" This is  what I was due to have done December just gone, but for several reasons (not in as much pain, wife being made redundant, parents away in OZ so no child care) I put it off for now. Doc said though that it would be 6-8 weeks before I could play golf again.
  Thanks man
Have done a search and cannot find anything with any reply's.   I am after a replacement for my Nike SQ Carry Bag as it has torn by the 4 ball holder where it meets the strap, it is over two years old so no refund etc.   I have the Ping cart bag and trolley but don't want the hassle of the cart all the time, so have been looking at lightweight carry bags with enough dividers.   Anyone have a Mizuno bag with the Kabuki top divider, if so I am curious how you...
Aye I did search as said, but for Mo Norman and not Moe  hence nothing found so I posted a new thread.   Surely you could automate it though, I have seen it on other forums, where the origianl thread that is removed or merged remains but with a strike through for 24hrs and if you click the link it takes you to a thread deleted page of the thread it has been moved/merged to?   For now then I will check mye "Post By User" until (if it is a bug) it shows up in "All Recent...
Quote: Cheers Jamo, guess I searched for Mo Norman instead of Moe Norman and that is why I did not find any threads before posting it   Still at least I now know why it was merged, but does no one think it would be a good idea for some form of notification? this coudl be just a PM stating your thread has been deleted/moved/merged.   Also it no longer shows under My Profile and All Recent Activity which I would assume it should if it has been merged as it is still a valid...
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