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Glad I am not the only one   Thats the thing mate, I searched for Mo Norman and went through the 4 odd pages and found no threads titled Mo Norman, so what am I meant to do, look at every page of each thread in case he is mentioned in one of them? I don't think so some how.   Hopefully I will get a reason for my post being deleted from one of the mods, instead of just having to accept that if they delete one it was done because it broke "one" of the rules.
Hey there guys,   I have had a few threads removed over the last couple of months, every time I have ask Erik about it he said it must have been a moderator that removed due to it breaking a rule and that we don't log why posts are deleted (just at the discretion of the moderators) thing is I never post anything that I see as outside the rules and think all my threads to be valid and within the forum rules.   As there is no record of why some of my threads get...
Sorry if this has ben posted before.     2 Candian Amateur Championships 54 Tournament Victories 33 Course Records shot 59 3 times shot 61 4 times 17 hole in ones
Yep I used to hold it like the pic on the right and always wore a hole in my glove, now hold it like the pic on the left and gloves last much longer
http://www.machynys.com/golf.html   Cannot wait, will be my first taste of Links golf 
Was wet, cold, damp and muddy Sat just gone and I had 4 doubles, but I ground it out for an 86 (17 over) on The Montgomerie @ The Celtic Manor
Ditto, could not agree more, love this grip and even if I did not have a Ping putter this would still be the only grip I ever use for a putter   
That is awesome dude, very jealous 
Well looks like I will be playing my 2nd round of 2011 tomorrow @ 8.10am    Playing with my mate in a Foursomes match, so looking forward to alternate shots with him as he is an 8 HC 
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