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Sorry if this has ben posted before.     2 Candian Amateur Championships 54 Tournament Victories 33 Course Records shot 59 3 times shot 61 4 times 17 hole in ones
Yep I used to hold it like the pic on the right and always wore a hole in my glove, now hold it like the pic on the left and gloves last much longer
http://www.machynys.com/golf.html   Cannot wait, will be my first taste of Links golf 
Was wet, cold, damp and muddy Sat just gone and I had 4 doubles, but I ground it out for an 86 (17 over) on The Montgomerie @ The Celtic Manor
Ditto, could not agree more, love this grip and even if I did not have a Ping putter this would still be the only grip I ever use for a putter   
That is awesome dude, very jealous 
Well looks like I will be playing my 2nd round of 2011 tomorrow @ 8.10am    Playing with my mate in a Foursomes match, so looking forward to alternate shots with him as he is an 8 HC 
Glad that i am not the only one held up by the weather then. Lets hope for a long summer.
Cheers Erik, if it is being sorted I will wait until it gets fixed :-)   If I get some free time I may delete the list and start again.   Thanks again mate.
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