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Glad that i am not the only one held up by the weather then. Lets hope for a long summer.
Cheers Erik, if it is being sorted I will wait until it gets fixed :-)   If I get some free time I may delete the list and start again.   Thanks again mate.
I am trying to add items to my bag but it is saying that "That item is already in your list. Please edit the item below instead." yet in edit mode it only shows the two items I have added already? yet in my sig it shows I have 6 items?   How do I add back in the items I removed that the forum still thinks are there please?
Well I played my 1st round of 2011 on Sunday, in fact I had not played for last 8 weeks of 2010 due to snow here in UK.   2nd time out with the MP52s as well and I shot an 88, which matches my low round of the year (been a stop and start one with injury and freak weather interruptions) so was well chuffed   44 (36) front and 44 (34) back so nice and consistent, was on for breaking my lowest score on this course (86 on Par 70) but I had a plugged greenside bunker...
Nope, got Nike Woods, Mizuno Irons, Ping Wedges and Putter, all in a Ping Cart Bag. I used to have Ping Irons in my Nike carry bag, both bags were bought on features I wanted and not make.
Yep only gripe of mine is the signatures, mine was all coloured and laid out how I liked it (sad I know) but I like that it gave a personal touch, now it don't fit right and you can't even change the font/size/colour of the text?   Apart from that it looks a little bulky but I will get used to it once it speeds up :-)
Sold on Ebay, please close off Admin :-)
Ace post that.As a side not we have a few WW2 gun positions on the 12th hole of The Roman Road course @ The Celtic Manor that we get free relief from
Well finally got around to taking some new WITB pics since I got the new Bag & Iron's, so I thought I would post them in this thread instead of a new one Enjoy...
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