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Ping i15 Irons 4-PW Ping AWT Regular Flex - 1/4" longer 3 Deg Upright /-White Dot Clubs are located in the UK so will post only to UK sorry (shipping would be daft to US) or can collect if prefered. Bought October last year and in great condition, with new Lamkin Crossline Black round grips (1 layer tape) Will get some better pics but below is one for now... £300
For my Birthday (Dec 10th) I am getting my Ping Pioneer LT Cart bag off my mother and sister, OK had it already but that's another story, plus an evening out off the Wife. For Crimbo I am having money towards my MotorCaddy Push Cart, Ok, OK, I have had that already as well LOL. Plus and a golf towel and some bits an bobs off the kids, a new Trion-Z bracelet off the SIL and cash of others to but some golf balls. Oh and I treated my self to a set of MP52s (2nd hand but as...
I dont get it though, why would you lie about your HC or your distances, bloody sad IMHO.
Lot to be said for this, I used to slice my driver and woods but not irons, switched to stiff shafts in my driver and woods and no more slice
I had my Ping Redwood custom fitted, used the Ping Fitting putter that has all the lies and length adjustable so you can get it set right. My fitting for this was 34" long and Blue Dot (1deg up)
Well I picked the MP52's up tonight, when the guy said they were mint he was not wrong, they look new, not even a bag clatter mark Gonna have to change the grips though as they are miles too big for me LOL Gonna find a range tomorrow after work (I am away from home for the week with work) and see how they hit and see if I need to get anything taken of the shaft when I get them re-gripped. Did not know that the 4-7 irons have a cavity in them either?
Cheers :)
Just to note that the .60 all seem to be Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound ? Are these drips .60 by default then?
I have been looking at grips for my new (to me) MP52's as they have midsize ones on and I want standard size. Now when I have bought grips before I have always got .58 (ribbed or round) but when looking recently I saw .60 as well (more on Ebay than in online shops) What will I need for my MP52's? I have Lambkin Crossline blacks .58 round on my i15's and was going to fit the same to the 52's, will they be OK?
They are not stock clubs though are they if they are 2deg up and 1" longer shaft, they are custom, so maybe they adjust the swing weight based on this customisation?
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