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No brainer here- PAULA is hot!!! no doubt about it- much hotter.
I def. go on tilt. There is no question about it. My stats show that I'm MUCH more likely (as much as 200%) to three put on a hole where my drive ended up OB than a hole I'm playing well from tee to green. Theoretically there should be no difference in number of putts after a blowup but the stats don't lie. Recovery and Scrambling do NOT rank high on my golf skills list.
rain can be relaxing. soothing. i don't think its the way to go low- but it can be a fun change of pace. there's nothing like a warm summer storm.
Best racist leadin of all time. I'm just messing with you, but it is funny how many people "cover" their racism by leading in with that phrase. (I don't think your comment was racist.) That said- it is a big deal. Anytime something has never happened- it's a big deal. Sure it "seems" like ignoring race issues is an attempt to show equality, because it's "no big deal," but in the end- it is. By not mentioning it would be an insult to all of the black coaches who were...
It is a little steep in my opinion too. You pay a membership, but then on top of that still have to pay for the individual events. That is the killer. It would be awesome if the membership fee was lower OR if they made it a higher price, but all-inclusive. I would be more interested to pay a higher fee, knowing that if I made all the events, I would be getting a deal AND getting to place courses I couldn't normally get on. I think that is one thing I like about...
I don't know why the USGA makes it so tough. Like I said earlier, I'm glad I don't have to keep mine manually. I'm sure I'd screw my Excel spreadsheet up. I do have to say, I like your idea of just using scoring average. Maybe a tweak would be to say scoring average over par. (So some don't abuse with playing executive courses and whatnot). I like it because it compares international scores as well. A unified system.
The one issue I still have with saying it doesn't matter to enter high scores is that, at least under my knowledge of handicap systems, it's the LAST 20 scores you've entered, not just 20 scores. So by not entering all your scores, you may leave some scores in the equation that shouldn't be. If you play those 10 rounds at augusta- but you had other rounds in between them, they may not all be in your 10 best. If you are trying to keep handicap to the number, you MUST...
For me.. it's bad, cause I could use the exercise, but I find myself riding more than walking. Two things I've discovered though, 1) In my area(DC Area), courses don't really want you walking 2) When I do actually walk, I really enjoy it
I think it's important to remember or be educated on the fact that a handicap is not your "average" score over par. I think a lot of people view it as that. It is really more of a prediction of ability, and even the USGA says that you will only shoot your handicap about 10% of the time. All it takes is one decent round on a hard course, and your handicap is going to be much better than it was before. You should have at least 5 scores to qualify, and it keeps track...
I am a technical recruiter. A headhunter by other terms, though I hate that name. Maybe if I were a linebacker that would be cool- but I like to think I help people find jobs.
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