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If the ball curved to the right finishing at point B though when the target was E. I read the article that chart comes from and the author states that shot type C and G both finish on target. As I suggested there is no law that accounts for the shot mentioned above.
Trevino is the perfect example he always hit a push slice. What if the ball finishes at position B however. The fade and draw shots C and G both intend that the ball has finished at the target E.
Agreed iacas the club can only be open square or closed at impact causing the ball to curve left right or go straight. To saevel what laws would you say my 2 described shots come under? I understand what you are saying but if you can't get pernickety when talking about the ball flights when can you lol?
Sorry iacas, I was responding to you.
Not by the definitions of the ball flights it's not. We would call it a fade however.
What? He was talking about ball flight laws so am I.
A draw is just a draw surely. You can't hit a pull draw so why a push draw. Ps what chart do you mean? Also do you not measure every shot relative to a target.
A shot starts left of target, curves to the right yet still finishes left of target. Similarly there's no name for the shot that starts right, curves to the left yet still finishes right of intended target.
You were talking about ball flight laws so I suppose it is relevant.
No, proper golf shots
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