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jlh1508, read your PMs. There's enough banter in this thread already. Let's return to the topic, shall we?
When you say, it doesn't go anywhere, what do you mean exactly? I don't have much trouble hitting it squarely. I've hit good enough shots to know when it feels right, after I hit it. I still get mishits of course but I know it instantly.
My irons are are stiff shaft (see sig) But my driver is inconsistent, and my 3-wood as well. My new 5-wood performed better, but that didn't mean I didn't hit a bad shot with it today.
Believe it or not, I used to swing faster (or at least it seems like I did). And I used to be steeper, which caused a slice. I just brought my hands on an inward path during the backswing, as well as putting the ball more forward in my stance. I don't feel like I'm swinging very hard, honestly. It just feels like my body naturally unwinding from the top of my backswing. In other words, it doesn't feel like I'm doing too much. I've tried to swing slower, but I think my...
You're right. Edit: Honest question, I thought the whole straightening-the-right-leg-on-backswing thing was ok?
I never said my swing was perfect. Who's is? Surely not yours...and nobody else's is either. Everyone's got something.PS I didn't even think about how fast I was swinging, so I wasn't just blatantly showing my machoness. That's how fast I swing. Deal with it.Can't wait to see your videos.
That emu would kick you in the nuts before you could get an accurate psi reading.
Alright, so I know this is in the middle of my apartment, and it's a foam ball, and it's a PW, but it's all I have at the moment. This was just recorded. Be as critical as you want. I don't care.
I'll be there half of Friday and all Saturday.
I'll sell you my 60* if you decide on that.
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