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Hi I've got one of the new 16 degree 3 woods - coming from a man that can't hit a fairway wood to save his life, this thing is miracle worker!! Being serious, I think the Bassara shaft, together with the "upside" down head really helps launch the ball. It's not as long as some of the newer, driver alternatives, but I find I can use it fairly well from a tee (very low tee height) and it gives me a gentle fade
Many thanks. Will watch the video later
I can't seem to delete the red text. I've tried to edit the post but I can't for some reason. Apologies
  I've been Playing Golf for: 20 Years My current handicap index or average score is: Was 6 before having Kids 5 years ago! My typical ball flight is: The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Flip     Videos: http://youtu.be/QU00FTCDwfs
Hi I posted a couple of weeks ago when I started my trail with stack & Tilt. Well, having had a few not so good range sessions, I had a go again tonight & wondered if you could look at this impact position & give me some pointers please? In my eyes, the impact position is much improved over my previous attempts & the flip doesn't appear to be as prominent. I'm still not retaining much lag, but there does appear to be a little forward shaft lean into impact. The...
Thanks guy's I'll have a read of the book tonight & have a watch of some of Iacas' videos
Thanks for your comments & observations on my swing last week. I tried to take it on board & reading the board, what seemed to make most sense was to try a form of stack and tilt. I've had the dvd's & book for a little while but haven't really delved into them as I thought the swing was a little "quirky"! Anyway, seeing how appaling my own swing was I decided that I couldn't care what it looked like as long as I could get it to work with some form of consistency. So, this...
Thanks for this Erik Which video of yours on youtube should I look for specifically? Is the hit & stop one? Cheers
Many thanks (even some positive comments, which are always nice) - got a few things to work on now, so will give them a go & report back. ANybody got any good drills for these issues (apart from the half swings?)
Can anyone give me some pointers please? Having a real difficult time working out how to get nice ball then turf contact. Fats are my main problem (as you can see in the video) When my timing is on, I can shuffle my way around the course quite nicely, but when it isn't, then oh dear me! I've put two vids up, one is my practice swing & the other is a swing taken immediately after it. They look very different to me, with the second one showing a real desire to help the...
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