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To those saying they shouldn't have played: Will Cam Newton play tonight? Yes. Did Pryor and the others accept $180K in gifts? Not even close. Is there a thread about his eligability? No. Did Legarrett Blount cold clock a player last year? Yes. Did the NCAA do anything about it? No, because Oregon did. When they had a chance to win a BCS game (against us) did Oregon toss him on the roster again? Yes. Did Woody Hayes get banned permanently from coaching for hitting a...
I wanna see Auburn win....I think.   PS ~ Go Bucks! :-)
Doesn't mean a thing. Everyone said OSU couldn't hang with Oregons offense last year and even after they prematurely let Blount play again we still stuffed them. ;) dr4k3: I won't be going, but I'll be watching from home. Wave to the camera. LOL!
"Occasional snow"? I went to play in the Sand Hills last February in NC. The state shut done when it "snowed" over night. Less than an inch total. Called the course and the Pro said he's the only one that made it in and they shut down for the day. It had all melted by 11:00 AM. Have you ever heard of the Snow Bowl? Don't talk to us about snow. Haha. And when it's 100 there it.s .000975547% humidity. When it's 85 here it's 975,547% humidity with a heat index of over 100...
Has Florida even been good long enough to have "raised" fans with bragging rights? LOL!
Good for the Ducks. They've played/fought hard. Here's to hoping they have a great season.
Actually, I have called Wisky and Iowa as being our make or break games all season. Congrats to Bucky. We didn't show up and Wisconsins D was amazing, not to mentioned Clay's ground game. Now I'm just hoping for 2 things. Another Rose Bowl victory and Boise State to get CRUSHED in the NCG.
So, which undefeated will lose today?
Even with that setup people will feel shunned. Oh well, I'm just gonna enjoy the game.
15 is easy. 19 is a little harder. Most conferences will have 12 games the way it's headed so for these instances let's assume a 20 game season for the NCG teams. This means, if the tourney started around the time the bowl season does, kids would be getting shipped all over the country for 1-8 weeks missing not only family holidays but who knows how much school. Say: Team A plays Team B in Atlanta on Dec 17th. Team A wins. Team C plays Team D in Madison on 12/17. Team D...
New Posts  All Forums: