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I just go the 712's.  Absolutely LOVE them.
ban it.     Golf clubs are designed to be held in the hands and swung.  The problem isn't the length, its the act of using the body to anchor it.  That goes against the spirit of golfing, which is taking a stick and swinging it in your hands.     What if someone came up with some new fangled kind of iron which could somehow be connected to your body in a way to eliminate casting?  Would we tolerate that?  I don't think so, not in a million years.  Being a good...
oobgolf's iphone app is very well designed.  You can configure which stats you want to track to keep the entry screen compact and un cluttered.  If you make par, you just tap the score button to accept par, or hit +/- for bogie or birdie, etc.  Takes one or two taps to enter the score basically.  All of the stats have sensible GUI controls to make them very fast to enter.  It takes only a few taps to enter all my stats that I am tracking, while walking/riding to the next...
I just tried this app for 15 sessions or so and settled into a Phdcp that is floating up and down between 2.5 to 3.5.  I consider that pretty good, especially compared to the pros.  Ha my scores don't reflect that, so I know I need to work on other aspects more, such as green reading, lining up and distance control.     I think this is a very valuable training device if used the right way.  I do not think its good to groove in your putt strokes with this device...
I love my Scotty Cameron Fastback.  Best putter I've ever owned without question.  I always try out different putters when I go to golf shops, and I just keep coming back to the SC's, especially the fastback.  It has just the right amount of weight and has a comfortable swing , its very nice to look down at with just enough straight lines and curved lines to help me line up right.  Worth every penny.  I've spent far more on drivers over the years then putters, but...
+1 oobgolf.com  
So is it fair to say that most modern day "blades" are in fact muscle backs, due to the beefing up that manufacturers have made to them in terms of trying to put just a bit more weight under the ball without carving out a cavity?
and what is the purpose to begin with?
ahhh.  So a muscleback is a cavity back + the muscle at the sweet spot?
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't a larger offset also change the trajectory?  It seems to me that with less offset, in order to close the face square, while keeping the hands ahead, the club will be de-lofted more then it would be with offset.  I am thinking with offset the hands don't have to be as far ahead, and thus the club is not de-lofted as much, something like that.  Just thinking out loud here.
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