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Apparently, this has gone viral, I'm a bit tired of these, yes, amazing shots, but a saturated space. However, the super slow motion/high frame rate bits here make it worth watching, you can just jump to them, ball through milk carton, pineapple, Captain America doll (I was a little uncomfortable watching that though), etc... plus whacking marshmallows.    
I've been meaning to try it to use Showbox, but have been having problems backing up my Mini before I go about it. I'll probably do it sooner or later.   Here's a recent piece about it:   http://qz.com/344394/hollywood-should-be-very-afraid-of-popcorn-time-the-netflix-for-pirates/
Halfway in, check out his chart.  
 Oh well.  
300 yards, no problemo.   
INFRASTRUCTURE baby! Why not cut a red ribbon for rebuilding/restructuring projects? It's just ceremony.    Off-topic but 05:08, so funny.  
Hey @billchao , how was it?
Fresh off the Boat is hilarious. It's getting killed, ratings wise. I'm a bit biased though as I know what it's like to be in the shoes of the starring family. Some of the situations I can totally relate to.    
 Again, skipped through most of the post, not really much for the whole celeb thing. Didn't know Feherty said he had a snowball's chance in hell. Sounds like something he'd say. Pretty sure he knows what they were capable of before PB.
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