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I'm only two episodes in. It's not bad.
Everyone knows... you never go full retard. This head movie makes my eyes rain!
Vid is in link. It's NSFW, language. Wouldn't rank his club breaking as high as that of Roy McAvoy's. http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2014/09/dude-goes-nuts-snaps-all-his-clubs.html
Lukewarm endorsement, but sounds good enough to give it a go. It's made by ABC, so it's not going to have freer reign the cable networks do.I just started The Promise, an somewhat recent BBC production. It intermingles the pov of an English soldier in Israel, post WWII and current day Israeli/Palestinian issues. Found this by way of The Honourable Woman.
Company or none, neither wear me out. The commute does. Even on weekends, traffic is a pain. I just hate driving.
I noticed The Assets is on Netflix. It's a miniseries based on a book about Alderich Ames, who compromised the identities of 20+ Russian double agents.
Harmon, Haney and Foley after they all drink a truth serum. Tell all book in 2 weeks!
 I realize this is a tv thread, but enjoying Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow already. How did I miss this movie?
Finished Generation War on Netflix. The direct translation from the German title is Our Mothers, Our Fathers, I think. It's a pov look at WWII from 5 Germans in their early 20s. I realize there's controversy with some depictions, but nonetheless I'm glad I watched although I'm a little emotionally spent. I'm gonna need a feel good something to counterbalance this black cloud over my head.
http://mobile.golfweek.com/news/2014/sep/19/pga-tour-golf-strokes-gained-statistics-driving/?templates=mobile Quote: That makes sense when you consider that a player who excels off the tee and from the fairway is a lot more likely to have a hot putting week than a great putter is to suddenly hit lots of 300 yard drives and super-accurate approach shots.
New Posts  All Forums: