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FIFA officials doing their own dives.  
 @isukgolf, I stood it up like I would a level and got the screen below. Didn't try the bubble display. I'll take a look at that next time. I guess laying it flat would be exposing more surface area, equivalent to the Husky, so the bubble display would be more accurate. 
 Ah ha. I was thinking maybe I was doing something wrong w/the app. Now curious as to the comparison a second time around. The Husky would say 1 and the Clinometer would say 2.x when I tried, for example. I stood it on the shorter side of the phone, but I recently figured out how to stand it on the longer side. Anyways, will provide details here later.
Mark Crossfield vlogs one hole of McIlroy's practice round. Kudos to the European Tour for its more liberal videoing policy.  
 Three times. Maybe it has something to do with the Husky taking a measurement with a longer flat surface - 9 inches versus half of that or less for a smartphone. I'm going compare them a couple of more times and take photos. What's the name of your app? Anyone else do a comparison between Husky and smartphone level app?
 I compared Clinometer, an iOS app w/decent ratings and it didn't match the Husky digital level that most Aimpointers use, at all. I'd be wary of a smartphone app. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/clinometer-+-bubble-level/id286215117?mt=8
  @rkim291968 , I responded to this in the Aimpoint thread. http://thesandtrap.com/t/45791/aimpoint-green-reading/700_10
 I see this all the time. That's why my opinion is so cynical. Problem is more cultural and psychological than informational/knowledge related. People do whatever the hell they want.   [[SPOILER]]
Another productive lesson with @pcombs21, get thee to Metedeconk, tri state area. Got path going out more to right, both iron and driver. Was getting mostly + path numbers towards the end maxing out around +5 and the dtl positions look better as well. Start of lesson was around -1, -2. Got a SAM putt lab analysis and altered path and face for putting stroke. Better aware of the putting stroke now, especially face to path during impact. Should have gotten the SAM analysis a...
Found the Airbnb page. Split it w/10 people, around $250/night.   https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3810882   What I'd like to know is how much he bought it for. He sold it for £2m I think or at least that was his asking price. I'm guessing he paid £1.75m and put in a lot of work into it. I hate to be a debbie downer, but I think he took a loss on the sale.   Update: I tried booking it. It's available right now and actually, not many takers, it's open pretty much all...
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