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Start laying down shaft before 4, no arm overrun/shorten BS, left arm close to chest on DS, retain flexion, left hand to sky/long right arm (no so much here)   
 The thing is and this is a grievance I have with all these lists and w/all golf magazines in general, that these insidery people make up, the thing is, private courses are considered. I guess if you're a golf nut, you'll find a way to play privates, but I think the rankings would change if just considering public courses. And hey, the best courses lists from these magazines change about as much as the faces of Mount Rushmore.   Bleh.
Keiser is the owner of Bandon Dunes and a backer of Cabot Links. Even if you're not interested in him, the backstory and scenery is worth watching.   http://www.golfchannel.com/media/mike-keiser-bandon-dunes-and-cabot-links/
 Bag tags!
Keep the peddle to the meddle. Golfweek kant spel. OTH, peddle passes spell check, or maybe autocorrect was the culprit.     http://golfweek.com/news/2015/jul/01/tiger-woods-pga-tour-greenbrier-classic-2015-media/
Has the genius been coached out of Tiger Woods? His first instructor says no [Gold Digest]   http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2015/06/has-the-genius-been-coached-ou.html
 Or as low a value I put on my fix it/home improvement abilities. :-)
I compared the readings from these types of apps to those from a Husky digital level and found discrepancies. I'll use level apps for projects around the house but not for golf.
Ah yes, the American compulsion to make a top X list for 1. Every2. Bloody3. Thing4. Possible5. Jeepers Well, at least golf.com didn't make it a rubbish listicle.  http://www.golf.com/golf-gold/united-states-golf-every-state-union-ranked-its-golfiness
New Posts  All Forums: