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Some of this stuff goes over my head, but still interesting to listen to.    
 Great discussion on latest pimento, the caviar of the south, episode. I really enjoyed Mike's little escapade, it's weird not hearing Kerry Condon's (Mike's DIL) Irish accent. Ignacio/Nacho is Vic in Orphan Black, which is airing soon. The building in the background during the garage scene - that's where Walter got Gus? That garage scene was so awesome. I keep doubting this show - how do they come up with material - but Gilligan has proven me very wrong every time. Chuck,...
    Superstar? Don't get ahead of yourself.      
Wait for it, wait for it... Wait for it, wait for it... Wait for it, wait for it...  [[SPOILER]]
Rekindle? Rekindle what? There was nothing there to begin with. Rekindle my ass. 
Valar morghulis, wait, strike that. Valar morgolflis! All men must play golf.       http://www.direct-golf.co.uk/how-we-built-our-own-iron-throne/
Philip Glass is almost 80 and still incredibly prolific, very active on The Facebook. He's composing the soundtrack for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot which is weird. Battlestar Galactica used one of his piano pieces in an episode. A whole bunch of pianists are releasing their interpretations of his Etudes. His older works were more atonal, his more recent pieces are more melodic, for him. Sometimes playing his pieces can be mind numbing. Measure 44, measure 45,...
 Thanks @iacas. What you and Preston showed me at Metedeconk, that move is starting to sink in. I forget there are these fields of green with strategically placed flags and holes.  I have to admit my perspective has changed a little, golf has also become to me, a difficult human movement puzzle.  Ha ha. It'll be nice to be playing with someone who won't be making fun of my Aimpoint moves.
Very inspiring. The one in the purple must have played before or is very gifted.  
New Posts  All Forums: