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 Green on one side, brown on the other. Rim shot! 
Natalie Dormer, brunette.     
You guys know nothing ... Rose Leslie (Ygritte)    Dormer looks so much better in her natural hair color, brunette, imho, blonde, bleeechh...    
I've heard it's not accurate. Wonder how sales are doing? http://www.att.com/accessories/specialty-items/swingbyte-2-golf-swing-analyzer.html?partner=LinkShare&siteId=lw9MynSeamY-mZIAr.GT6sdHigfhTNa57A
Yeah. I think so or the other one nearby. Pelham? Can't remember. Or rather, trying to forget.
Legs were pretty static among other things - step in drill to fix - tried to replicate feeling in full swing.      
That WSJ description sounded X factor-ish. Don't most pros not restrict their hip turn? I wonder about JN, AP and GP too. But did they swing as hard and have the schedule that the players today have?
I was hoping one of them would get one back in the pecker. Yeah, that's mean. But great comedy!
Would have been more fun if it was McIlroy versus Woods. Three words. Chi chi Rodriguez. Remember he took a rebound off the wall right where it hurts.
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