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In the documentary, "20 feet to Stardom", there's an interview with Bruce Springsteen and he talks about that 20 foot walk to the front of the stage and how some people just don't want to make it. I guess I'm one of those who won't make the walk.
Holy sh*t. This guy catches an arrow fired at him, fires it back.Among all the other insanely difficult things he does in this video.   http://time.com/3683600/archery-lars-andersen-stunts-hollywood/    
 Bethpage automated line: If you want to go sledding on the yellow course, press one now, blue, press two, there is a waiting list for the black course.    
'It's a false dilemma, speaking of which... I get the gist. It would be nice to met celebs, play all those courses, see the world. 
I am a pro. A pro desk jockey. Woohoo. I would get tired of being a pro golfer in 3... 2... 1...   All that social media content - you're seeing all the highs. They don't Tweet their lows.
Snow isn't too heavy, easy to shovel. MTA back up. It's gonna take a long time for the golf courses to open up. Not that I was using them. 
Expected this:     Got this:     Mayor got an earful for not being prepared enough last time, he's gonna get an earful for over-preparing. All those supercomputers and prediction models got it wrong. Hopefully the trains and buses start up soon. Car ban lifted, Staten Island Ferry running. ASP suspended, meters in effect. PATH up @ 9:30.
An anti winter song
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