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I agree with you especially w/respect to showing and demonstrating what deliberate practice for him since that's one of the main points of his plan. His practice looks typical, nothing groundbreaking, probably "less" deliberate than videos found in this site.But the thing is his swing really hasn't changed much. And his videos, the angles are inconsistent. So, makes comparing a little harder.And a severe limitation of his plan is money, lack of which doesn't allow him...
A piece about golf clubs in the Hudson Valley area opening up indoor practice centers especially for use during the winter.  http://www.lohud.com/story/sports/golf/2014/12/19/golf-club-indoor-learning-centers-growing/20642219/ All these facilities are nice, but most of the clubs mentioned in the piece are super exclusive, with very deep pockets and the public facilities have well, heated bays, that's it. So until radar, force plates and technology get cheaper, as does...
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 Doh, you're right, he's using a wood. I just assumed it had to be a wedge. It had to have ricocheted off that black ball holder thing then. Look how close the ball is to the edge of the mat. I stand corrected. The nerve of the guy not recording in 120fps HD so we could all see the failness in all its glory.
 I seriously doubt it. Look at that ax chop of a swing. I think the only way you get that kind of height is to go under it.
If you slow motion the video, the ball doesn't ricochet off anything. It directly goes to his head. He had to have super fatted it, hit the top part of the clubface.    I think if he took this swing on grass, he would have been fine, he would of just dug out a gargantuan divot and the ball goes nowhere.
 Golf Digest found it. A guy from reddit posted it. I skim reddit/r/golf. Here's the GD post: http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2014/12/funny-golf-video-fail-gif-ball-hit-in-head.html I hate to laugh at someone else's misfortune, but man, this is funny. Video cameras are everywhere, you do something stupid, chances are it will get out. 
Put down that drink so you don't spray the screen....   Are you ready?  
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