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 That's great! (t starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane) Review!
What is external/internal rotation? Inside/outside swing plane?
Crossfield basically said in a very subtle way that pretty much everyone needs lessons. Without stepping on the toes of most no lessons for me folks.
This cover brings tears to my eyes. One woman cover of Radiohead's Creep with a ukelele and a haunting voice.    
Yeah, through my POV, I see... classical music or beach?
New Godzilla trailer - almost a full body shot at the end.  
 How does he not go OTT? More right shoulder down/secondary axis tilt? 
 In all honesty, the press does play up the attacks and it's only in certain areas. If you're in the big cities, populated areas, you're fine. Hornets are attracted to cologne. Maybe the guy was wearing a bit too much?
Hornets in Asia - some of them are really big. People have died from hornet attacks. It's not uncommon.   Anyone know if a golf cart can outrun hornets?   http://qz.com/136411/how-to-ward-off-a-giant-hornet-attack/
New Posts  All Forums: