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Didn't watch the whole thing. missed it. Did Breed say optimum smash factor was 1.0 for finesse shots? Who came up w/that?
I used to watch it. In the dead cold of winter, nice to see Hawaii on the screen, but now, there's tons of slow video in HD of warm places on YouTube plus I there's plenty of past tournaments to watch if one gets a hankering for golf.
I'd be checking for ticks straight away though. Also learned what CWD is. Scary.  
 SAT is secondary axis tilt. Roughly, it's the upper body lean away from target from a face on view. Unfortunately, imho, you can "know" everything about the swing, but if you lack athleticism/coordination/instinct, doesn't help one lick.   
What about smokers? Not a fan of smokers on the driving range where it's prohibited, it's a free country, you can do whatever you want, just don't smoke when there are no smoking signs everywhere.   And the guy who sets up right next to you when the range is empty.   And the guy or gal who mishits a ball and it hits you and doesn't acknowledge it.   Recently a guy next to me was teaching his woman friend afaik, he started hitting irons as hard as he could one after...
Let's try and use headshots please, this is a golf forum, not Page 6.    This actress makes Lady Macbeth look like Mother Teresa in Mr Robot.  
 There was a movie? I saw the Christmas special. Disappointed with the latter half of Mr. Robot. Loose ends, some things didn't make sense and characters acting out of character. Thought this was going to be a one off mini series for some reason, but looks like the plan is for 5 seasons. Oh well, at least discovered some new music. 
On the golf course, could possibly help w/slow play if an onboard computer provides "tips" assuming humans follow them and don't say screw it, I'm driving. Could also reduce injuries, fewer driving like a madman incidents leading to overturn, tree crashes, headlong into bodies of water.   http://news.nationalgeographic.com/energy/2015/09/150904-self-driving-golf-carts-steer-way-for-autonomous-cars/
It's too bad The Office was only 14 episodes. How the heck did the US version (which I've yet to watch, on my list) make w/what, 200 episodes, is an amazing feat of writing.   Binging on Mr Robot, almost done. I've done a complete 180, I love this show. It's very much a mish-mash, fan fiction, almost derivative, but the acting, writing, cinematography and soundtrack is put together very well. The pilot hit a little too close to home and I know pretty well all the...
Where is my Mind piano cover                
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