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 Some holes are really tricked up, but imho worth playing once. There's an uphill approach on the back nine to a super hidden small green surrounded by fescue. I hate that hole.
 Yeah, they didn't complicate things like LOST did, they tied up the little reveals at the beginning of the show quite well. We also got a peak at dust bowl America. I also wish there were more shows like this. It's interesting Ron Moore of Battlestar Galactica had some involvement. Plus it has one of my favorite opening sequences, love the transitioning of the faces from real to drawing. I hope whoever is doing the adaptation of American Gods fills this void. Also...
The showrunner gave an outline of how it would have played out to season 4 or 5 in an Onion interview I think. It sounded pretty epic.
 Because they didn't renew for a 3rd season?
 When they show the face twisting open on replays, it's always when they hit a fade. At least based on my recollection.
The amount of time most spend looking for lost balls is inordinately long. The rules say 5 minutes, but many take more than that and on a busy course, 5 minutes in itself is a long time.  IMHO, there is no solution for city courses other than a grass roots cultural one. The demographic is way too varied and it's like a free for all. No... one... cares... mostly.
So high speed close up video of the face opening up around impact on tv - I wonder how many of these were not shown that were a draw/slice to keep in line with generally accepted principles. This is very conspiracy theory, I know.
I would guess when most people think of JN, they probably think - The Shining - "Here's JOHNNY!". and A Few Good Men. "You WANT me on that wall, you NEED me on that wall.".   I'll remember him most for Carnal Knowledge, The Shining, Chinatown and Cuckoo's Nest.
Wow. Amazon Prime getting many of the older HBO shows.
The funny thing about The Departed is all the leads trying to do a Boston accent and you had JN talking like...JN.
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