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 I just watched Kingsman, so that looks like a [[SPOILER]]  Or an upside down mushroom cloud. Yes, I'm a nihilist.  I've called it the lima bean hole for the longest time.
 Just some random observations. It seems a lot of close friends and families go to these (duh). I've been often asked which family member/friend I was following - I'm just here for the golf... awkward... The spectators are the total opposite of those of your mashed potato yelling variety (duh, again.) I've gotten to walk some ultra exclusive private courses and learned to ignore the do not enter signs. You can overhear reporter banter at the range or wherever the dish is...
Kid pulls gun on complaining group behind him. Young and stupid. Youth is wasted on the young, they say.    http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/Golfer-Pulls-Gun-on-Group-Over-Golf-Etiquette-Dispute-at-New-Britain-Course-Officials-302771301.html
Bizarre. Just... bizarre.  
Thanks. Not trying anything w/elbow, but trying to keep L arm closer to body may be doing something to elbow. With the lead wrist, yes, palmar flexing - swing thought is to make the clubhead stay behind me. Like the drill @iacas has prescribed to others here where you lay down the shaft just after starting DS. The feeling is that but even more.The more rotated I am @ 7, the more that clubhead feels behind me if I do it right. I'm not posting here all my crap swings there...
L arm closer to body, lay down shaft on DS, keep L wrist facing sky post impact. Focus mainly on L arm.  
I like his chances better than if he played Riviera. 2/15 ain't bad. I'm guessing the 15.
Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom     In reference to his short game. Tiger Woods' press conference:   http://www.golfchannel.com/media/2015-players-tiger-woods-press-conference/
Obi Ben Crane Kenobi:   You will, play faster.    I will, play faster.    
New Posts  All Forums: