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 I'm pretty sure he does. Stephen Colbert does too. I took a lesson, years ago, somewhere in Jersey. The instructor was going through vids and I saw his name and I asked, is that the Stephen Colbert and he said yeah.
iMac with Retina 5K display vs. the Original Apple Macintosh   30 years ago vs now. That was a fun little machine.     http://thingsofinterest.com/2014/10/22/difference-30-years-makes-imac-retina-5k-display-vs-original-macintosh/
 This ties in with another recent GD piece - the budget aids one - the cookie in the mouth tip. I'm guessing chewy is better than hard/crunchy for this purpose.
So does that go into the books as a 3 foot putt or a 60 foot putt? Because that's technically a 60 or whatever foot putt made. no?
 Tweeted. I'd like to see him do a slow play rant, ha ha. A FWP compared to many more important things he's ranted about, but still. Maybe he's done one already. 
I'm tempted to Tweet him about Aimpoint. I'd get lost in the noise.
Never heard him so talk so quietly before :-)    
Mark Zuckerberg of Le Facebook conducts Q&A in Mandarin. Not so great, his Mandarin, but for me, he's easier to follow than some natives (wayyy too fast), ha ha.   https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10101708164336771   Now here's a Canadian, Mark Roswell, who speaks really good Mandarin. Better than some native speakers.  
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