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You can get a really cheap laser at the pet shop - this is the red dot that kitty/fido chases. Tape it to your club.
I don't read his blog enough to know how much but I think he does do some kind of fitness work but the bottom line is while he make look/be aerobically fit, doesn't look like he put on any muscle mass. Now you have your Fowler, Weir, Howell who probably are around 150 lbs, but the Dan Plan needs every advantage he can get.
You could get a lot done without free weights even. Look at the guys and gals at West Point and such. They have to do a certain amount of push-ups, pull ups, sit-ups , run 2/3 miles like 8 min minimum pace or something like that. Or they're out.
Yeah, you don't need to spend lots of $ on a health club. A simple setup, a bench, some bars and free weights will do. Even half a Rory would help.I think if I were the public eye, that would be more than enough incentive for me not to look bad.
I may be wrong but he looks the same physically compared to when he started. He should have more muscle mass.
Ruth Wilson (The Affair, Luther)
 It's complicated. In his case, by saying what he did, in a nutshell, whether intentionally or unintentionally and whether out of naivete or lack of knowledge and experience, the read between the lines of his stated goal is "I can do this in a shorter amount of time with less talent." Many have barely qualified for the tour with more innate talent and way more hours devoted. See Mike Weir's story. The Dan Plan's statement trivializes the difficulty of those who made it and...
Funny how tos on the Boston accent.    
So that makes @flopster, @Pretzel and me from here who have posted to his blog or FB page. I wonder who else from here did?   I dunno what it is about this thread. I really don't want to spend so much time in it, but as it was said in The Godfather:       Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in...
If... if he stays relatively healthy and nothing bizarre happens, 1 major, 1 regular tour win.
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