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but she is hot so who cares...i mean it is womens soccer - hot matters!! you need to watch something during all of the dull time when nothing is happening.
My club runs 8 minute times and there is seldom an issue, 4 hour rounds are pretty standard on a full course, 415 on slow day. I find the spring time rough when you can hardly find a ball 5' off the fairway is the big issue in pace of play.
played #2 the week after Easter, we stopped at the clubhouse on our way back from Dormie Club. on a flyer stopped at proshop and asked if they had an opening for the next day. They sent us off #10 at 805am on a friday morning for 400.00 plus the caddie. they didn't ask where we were staying. If you don't mind the cost #2 is a great walk...we actually skipped a round at TR to play #2 and felt pretty good about it.   Honestly the best course for value IMO is Pine Needles,...
the funny thing is none of this is about Augusta, Paula expressed an opinion which is her right. From there the Folks at Augsta said no thanks...that is the end of it. The rest of the would, could, should is just silly. It is a private club and they said no...move on, none of us including the LPGA are welcome unless invited.   One other thing, they don't give a damn about the money so that may be the single worst arguement in this entire thread.
Probably a good move at this point, it seems to have run its course!
and i would love to see Paula in an event like the one above!  does your wife golf? LOL i kid kid...
you pig!!!! this is genius, there are untold millions to be made! this would be the very first female golf tournament i would watch start to finish! A tradition like no other!!
of course since you bought a ticket you should only be able to see one or two holes or maybe if you get lucky pick up a seat where you can see 3 or 4 holes...keep the options limited and make sure you don't allow anybody to see a better product that will be a huge support to the organization and the game itself!! maybe we could get a rule mandating hickory shafts that would be awesome!! i hate when the pesky pros can spin the ball to much!
sure, why would the USGA want people who actually buy a ticket to like follow the web site, see links to other great shots that have happened that day, live scoring, know when or where a group they want to see is at on the course...nope that is out line cause there is "no place" for a cell phone on the golf course!! LOL do you realize how out of touch you are? do you realize more data is transmitted via cell phone then actual voicetime? do you realize people use a cell...
i will take the under of 150 for a dollar!! i figure there is little to no OB and you are bound to 2 putt a couple of holes...LOL i give you 130 as a better number!
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