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 You are typical member...you will run into a few snobs but they are not the rule. for the most part it will be the same type of people you already play with - just with a better golf course, better structure and quicker rounds that can be set up and changed easy - of course it costs more money as well! At my club if you take 4 hours to play a round you will probably have a group or 2 waiting.
I didn't know they were still open, a year or two ago i heard they were in trouble. I will say we ate there several times and thought it was great, it is not cheap but you got a quality steak and they had a solid list wines...and the martinis are always good!!
Have been on one golf trip to Vegas and played it - I wouldn't have guessed it was that hard to get on.   Course was fine but nothing you will remember for long - condition was good as you would expect at a CC - staff was attentive and polite - lunch was standard club type food - in my opinion it is a good starter course for a trip. it is close to the airport and the hotels, nothing to get crazy about but will treat you well and provide a solid quality product.
it is obviously pricey - everytime I figure my price per round I just delete and pretend I don't know - but if you can swing it and you are a serious golfer there is not a better present you can give to yourself!!   I have been a member of my club for 8 years and not one timie have i regretted it!!   At one point in my life I thought i would get bored of the same course as that has been mentioned in this thread but I have not found that. Like an old guy at my club told...
 T to green it is honestly not a tough course - it is all about the greens. I don't think the native areas are going to be a huge factor and unless they draw a terrible they are not a real hard shot for these guys. i am excited to for the open - I loved #2 before the makeover and after it is even better - i would not be shocked to see -7 or 8 as a winner and I think it will be an exciting Open.
 Played it, it is nice but i didn't love it. I thought the TPC course was better. Rio Seeca was much much better then either of the others. Just had a conversation with a few buddies for next year. We are going to a 5 or 6 day trip to Casa De Compo for golf that trip will average 1.5 rounds per day - then we are going to do an opening weekend of the NCAA hoops tournament - Wed evening arrival, sunday redeye home. that will be the ultimate degeneration trip for poker,...
LOL took redeye home landed at 6 am and went to bed till 3, went to bed that night at 9 and slept 5 the next morning...yep tank was 100% empty upon return.
 my first post started with it depends what you want to spend...I didn't book Vegas trip so I don't know about Shadow Creek. We did stay at Ceasars for 2 reasons Cascata was couple hundred lower staying there (I assume that means you don't have to) plus it is right next to B and that was the poker room we wanted to play in, so it worked very well. You are correct on what you want to do...last time I was in Vegas my Freshman son was not potty trained... in that same time...
 I have been told that...again it is really about level of degeneration and what you want to do with time in vegas. to be honest there is a better chance of getting me to go on a trip to Mequite for a couple day and play Wolf daily paired with another course...got back from vegas "golf trip" 3 weeks ago. daily routine below. Up at about 7, coffee and craps until 930 maybe blackjack, golf and transportation to and from 10 to 530 or so, clean up, dinner , craps,...
this is classic - get lessons so when you improve you can save for fitting...but i am 82 and have been golfing 55 years...and i am away skiing for the winter....   LMAO sir you do whatever you damn well please - niether one is going to have much an impact. i certainly hope i am as fortunate as you to be golfing and sking at 82!!!
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