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I didn't watch the video and I agree with you the Olbermann is a douche bag!!
Golf needs more guys willing to speak up! Yes men are not helpful in an organization - you need leaders and Phil, for better or worse in this case, is one of them. at least he is willing to man up and say what he believes. lets hope it leads to better things in the future.
funny little story about playing the ball as it lies...last week i take a buddy of mine to my club for his 50th, he plays 3 or 4 rounds a year max but he is actually not terrible, he really should play more. so we are on the T with 2 other regulars of mine and my buddy wants to play me heads up in addition to the team, we haggle a bit since he doesn't have an index number and agree to a shot per hole - but not the par 3's. fair enough lets play.   first t box he is left...
Walked 27 yesterday, granted it was with a caddie but....I am freakin tired!!! I have to get in way better shape to even think about discussing A CARRY!! I really need to get out of the office more!!
walking is never as fast as riding...2 guys in my regular group walk every week, they are fast enough, never hold up the course. me and my partner are forever waiting for them. Think about it you have a 200 to 300 yard walk on 14 to 16 of the holes on a normal course - there is no way to argue that you can do this as fast as riding. It just isn't possible.
My thought is - 20 bucks - just pay it and enjoy the round...you stated "he works for you" fine then take care of your employee and hook him up. Think about it as picking up the tab for lunch!!   I can only say that at my club the pro wouldn't have to pay, the members wouldn't blink about footing the bill and i just wasted 3 minutes of my life responding here!! LOL have a nice day.
  Yes I agree and well said!! WOW
Chamblee is a dope who likes to hear himself talk - occasionally he will be right - this is one of those times IMO.   Tiger will still showup and from time to time look like the GTiger of old but as far as an era goes...reference the end of Arnie and the start of Jack - the era has moved on, we are pasted the overlap stage - again IMO.
 A good buddy of mine lives on Fisher Island, he has some great storys of Miami Beach during his ventures off the island. apparently some crazy shit happens there at night.
New Posts  All Forums: