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 played southern pines once about 5 years ago...pulled up early one morning, 2 cars in the lot, proshop looked like something from a trailer park, the practice range had a bomb dropped on it...I have 3 clients with me. I am sitting there thinking to myslef should I pull the plug on this right now and go somewhere else...for whatever reason I didn't do it. While certainly not in the condition of needles, mid, or some of the other top courses we all enjoyed our round a lot,...
 i have played all of these before and i think the reviews are quite well done, i looked over a few other courses on the web site that i am familiar with and the guy does a real nice job. thanks for the link! the biggest reason i prefer needles over mid pnies is the greens. coming from PA i am much more comfortable on besnt greens running fast then i am the grain and speed variations of bermuda. tobacco road just sucks...would rahter do 36 at mid pines then split the day...
Yea, I am happy about the comments we have gotten on Pinewild and i expect it will very nice...but I am going to miss the National, next year may have to add some PH courses.
I have been lucky enough to fly on a private jets several times to florida and the west coast...if you can afford it there is nothing better in the world of travel!! Sadly I can't afford it by myself but am always happy to be the guest!
as narrow as he started he had to take a longer stride to get enough separation to make his swing. if you look at his swing at footplant he isn't overly wide at all he just had a long way to go to get there.
b being that this was batting practice he is probably trying to put on a show...he is very long to ball, more on his front then normal and really unbalanced. if you watch the clip below you will see game footage frame by frame. he still has a large stride but his body positions are much more controled - his finish and balance are pretty amazing. The man was very aggrsive to the ball. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBmB--g0_U8
 Thanks will do on maxies - I don't like tobaccco road at all and if I never played it again would be fine but my best friend, favorite villan, prefered better ball partner and main drinking buddy seems to think it is the greatest...LOL it just isn't worth the pain fighting with him! Even the first T ball hitting between the fake mountains annoys me, and the 2nd shot over the burm that crosses the entire fairway i find stupid.... Glad to hear Magnolia is that good - the...
a house somewhere near the village but not sure where. thanks much for the info.
Dave I have played every course you mentioned, I actually like mid-south quite a bit and southern pines is a great bargain...just only have so much time!!   Dugans, ironwood cafe and holly are typical in the rotation. willing to hear local information on others!
I have super stroke on my one putter and normal grip on the other...but will be replacing it shortly. I find the super stroke takes my hands out of the putt and seems to lead to a more stable smooth stroke...Maybe it is in my head, hell half of putting is, but there is no doubt it has helped me.
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