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I assume he had a disagreement with Elin over the kids...it didn't end well!
 I have been a member at my club for 9 yrs and have played at more other clubs then i can recall and I have never seen a game outside of a club tournament that isn't match play...if you don't give a 3 footer or 2 somewhere you are hurting yourself for a point towards the end of the match when he needs it....and hasn't hit one. but yea don't be gimmie snob is an important lesson to learn.
18,720 minutes till departure....
2 weeks until the first golf trip of the winter...counting every minute it seems.     Olde Memorial in 20,160 minutes!!!!
networks might be bat shit crazy as you say - the clip is certainly made to get emotion and life is all about levels but i do think there is some truth some of her comments.   The one thing that is universally understood is force, if you take one of ours you going to lose 10 of yours, if that doesn't work next time you lose 100 or 1000 or whatever makes the cost high enough that the fight is not worth having.   Nobody is attacking them and it should be very clear to...
the cost by Club standards is pretty low at both places, I would go with which ever course you prefer to play and which course you feel has a better golf membership.
ugh...mine is fairly simple to understand.
Ernest it is amazing to have seen the amount of shows you mentioned and not seen Bruce, his shows are night well spent. Highly recommend it but he certainly doesn't tour like he used to but back in the late 80's and early 90's there was nobody better.
Bruce any one of several, Def Leppard 1987 was outstanding, Genesis Invisible Touch another classic...am i dating myself?
I didn't watch the video and I agree with you the Olbermann is a douche bag!!
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