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Yeah, it was pretty loud. I've got a surfboard to shape and I can't do that stuck to the computer/couch, but youre right. I should have went longer and included the denial apology.. It would be better. Ill try and put up a good video later.   Aloha
Wow. I didnt even think she may have been annoyed that they were covering Michelle. That's even worse than the F bomb. The explanation was even better. My neighbors probably wonder why I was laughing out loud at 8 am  
It was before she even putt.. I dont know why she said it.. I wasn't going to upload it bceause I'm lazy and thought someone would beat me to it and do a better job of it, but whatever. Here it is..    
I'm in Hawaii so this might have happened 6 hours ago. Sorry if I'm way late.   But they other commentator just apologized for it saying we're sorry if you think you heard an offensive word, but it wasn't the word you think you heard, but if you were offended we apologize. It was F**K. Plain and clear.   I'm going to upload it to youtube eventually.
Ahahahhaha.. Anyone else catch that? I recorded it. Awesome..   For those who didnt I was watching golf channel and they were coming back from commercial and as Michelle Wie (Looking SUPER hot today) was lining up a putt and the female commentator said "Ah F**K Michelle" and then I think she realized she was live then shut up for a few minutes. Epic.   Better update your resume. She sucks anyway.  
This guy souls alright. He used word up and he knows a sick ass when he sees one. If youre ever in Hawaii chief lemme know. We'll get you a round at a resident rate
Tough weather here. It's funny though coming from NY. They call puddles floods here. You should not be golfing today because you'll wreck the course but usually it doesn't rain on that side of the island EVER. It rains in the mountains almost every day but very rare Hawaii Kai gets rain like this. It's a pretty standard rain most mainland people (besides AZ and texas) would be familiar with. Here theyre treating it like the end of the world. It stopped at like 9 and...
The only way you end up homeless from a relationship going awry is if your relationship was with a crack pipe. That's really where they got "Pipe Dream" title from. C'mon. I've had PLENTY relationships go "awry" and the only time I slept outside was on camping trips. I had a chick who bankrupted me and screwed my credit up. I stayed at my moms ONE NIGHT while I waited to move into another place. I hope it's good but I'm expecting B.S. He didn't have a single friend or...
I can't stand them at all.   A) Stick to golf. I don't like football basketball or baseball OR FRIGGIN gossip so stop. I LOVE Hockey but I wouldn't want to see it on this show anyway.   B) The hosts are unbearable to watch. They don't even understand what the other is talking about half the time. I tried to watch their "coverage" of the Camillo thing end neither one of them could communicate effectively with the other. It's like watching a bad MTV reality show....
Sorry. *Vijay. I know nothings offical but there isnt even a tentative list of whos playing. Its annoying.
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